Monday, December 1, 2008


so, to be short, thanksgiving was filled with many a pie, turkey, and juice. all of which fit happily into my stomach compartment without any complaints.

Ryan and Mandy came by, and whilst they were on route, I couldn't help staring at this picture and decided to surprise him with a fun little photo manip. thing.

this is right after the part where The Joker asks Shakeman in "The Dark Shake" if he wants to know how The Joker got his scars, and Shakeman says "...yes. tell me everything." The Joker just gets this really crazy look in his eye. remember? heh.

on another bat-like note, i'm still trying to find old stuff to color to keep meself busy and the photoshop exp. flowing as i slowly build up to kill some boss i'll probably run into in some dank, dark cave where lays hidden somewhere the legendary masamune blade. so yeah, colored this.

i woulda kept pushing the contrast, or maybe messin' with the colors, but i don't like spending too much time on pictures when there's turkey a-foot.

anywho, rocked out with the family to all three extended versions of the lord of the rings. got some sketches a-coming. it's funny i think, how we can become so attached to something that isn't real. like movie characters, or stories, and experiences in the movie that never really happened... i dunno. it just makes me really appreciate life that much more when you see how sad or void a person or story gets without real closure or explanation, and the ultimate form of all closure and explanations are in the plan, which is rarely hinted to or included in a movie, and you either forget about it in the story and feel hopelessness for a character or a sense of longing for some more ultimate form of living that includes whatever awesome thing you were just a part of through your visual experience. we're just so conditioned to see an ending - to a movie, a story, or even a real person. makes life seem a little sour sometimes in contrast, but eternity has gotta be pretty sweet, once you pass on to that side of life.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008



here's an old picture i drew for a mission colleague (you call 'em "colleagues" in Europe, or else people think you're gay. haha.) needed to color after watching Final Fantasy Advent Children.

and....... just found out i never posted this - the FIRST picture i ever drew with my tablet.

was gonna put some evil eyes in the back in the dark somewhere, but never got around to it. just pretend they're there. heh. enjoy.
nothing interesting or abnormal things going through my head or my life these days to bother to type about. however, took a little trip to the temple and i am feeling very motivated/positive/optimistic about... pretty much everything at the moment.

once i get around to editing some photos i took with my camera, i'll perhaps throw those up here as well. fun stuff.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

LEVEL UP! can now play as "RYU"

a beat please *ahem*
slippin' into street fights soaked in neon lights. only way outta this life, is right through yo' demons that try to keep you from reachin' the highest heights. You know the ones, the ones that try to hold yo' face into the head lights if you be freezin', bendin' over knees, weak and weezin' and wrestlin' with mights when the car crashes, and it's too late to hope, cuz you be ashes and smithereans. washed out and burned with listorines, flavors like scope, dirt and never again will we see the ol' rope-a-dope.

couldn't resist throwin a little rhyme together for this picture i am titling "street fights and neon lights" WAAAAy fun. i think this is the best job i've EVER done in photoshop. heh. originally was going with some weird old chinese brown scroll-ish sorta look, which obviously did NOT happen. Feels good to finally get this one outta o' the way - it's been a huge distraction. now i can go do something else with my life. lots o' symbolism for yuh - especially if you know a little bit about streetfighter. just wiki it, or click here to read more about the main dood in this pic.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

School Doodlin' Bamboozalin' Bonanza...

so yessssss... got these doodles on the back of my notebooks onto the computer. played around with some highlighting, and here's what we got:

some old school oldies about to give somebody a good ol' fashion old schoolin' - don't give them any lip, or they'll give you a good lickin'.

just grabbed a flower, dude in the red jacket just found her-SWORD!! also, Goku, Krillin, Piccolo, and Master Roshi are all making guest appearances in this picture.

dreams to be had, battles to be won, seems like i nap like there's skittles on my tongue. colorful flayvuhs be droppin' from every spectrum of the rainbow, curl down my throat, can't choke, shook up and awoke, and realize i've still got a dream that has yet to be wrote... the thoughts will come after.

i've got this habit of rhyming on all the time now, thanks to myriads of HOT BEATZ and so forth. anyways, i'd love to type something thoughtful - but once again, not today. gots other stuffs to do. maybe later.... maybe.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Age of Pilots

just practicing more and more coloring techniques etc. here's somethin' i just finished coloring, that i drew up back in the day. really liked the nostalgic sorta hopeful/hopeless.... vibe thing it's got goin' on, depending on how you look at it.

it's late for me... maybe i'll type some words here later. bye.

Friday, September 19, 2008

STRANDEAD - a pirate's life for we???

ahhhhhh.... colored this up just now. i drew this.. ummmmmmm...... 3 or 4 years ago???? heheh.
maybe more. anyways, this sort of started this really fun story in my head, and hopefully it gets on paper soon.

advice? thoughts? whatever.
so... i also went parkour-ing for the first 'o'fficial time last thursday. i'm still not back to one-hundred-percent, because my upperbody got DESTROYED. but yeah, it was a fun experience - all related to what i typed about backflipping.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

missionary planners: doodlez to the MAXX!!

heh.. so, it was requested by a cool former missionary companion that i put up some doodles from all the missionary planners i had. hmmmmmmmmm....... good idea.

so here's the best of the best of the best - covering 16 total different planners.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


colorin' up some more old lines - always fun drawing people playing musical instruments for some reason...

this is like that one moment you had at the concert - you know, on stage. where you slayed everyone soooo hard with your epic axe of rock until it built up to that one climactic moment where time and existence seemed to stand still... and for that one second, it seemed like you knew everything... and every particle of life made perfect sense.. for that one moment.

yeah.. that one.

or was it sort of like this?? either way, lots of guitar action. lots of lens flare action. a fun looking hoodie. life is good, right?

anyways.. stay tuned. i might actually type something again that's worth reading.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Randomly big ART dumpage

okay... so. i'm at school now - but i do cartoons for this other school. here's a couple of them that i just shot out really quick..... hhaahahah.... i mean, REALLLLY quick. wow. i almost feel guilty for how quick these happened......................... . . . almost.

i draw for the 'opinions' section of their paper... first week was sorta hectic, just because there was NO schedule, and i'd get a cartoon request just thrown at me from outta nowhere that they needed the next day.... but that's all done with, so hopefully these start coming out a little more polished up and what not...

-for a story about going back to school, and how it's scary or something...

about Obama's VP selection. obviously-
sorta rushed... not too happy with that->

-for how Utah doesn't have enough bike lanes.... meh. I don't ride a bike too much to know/care much about that.

this one->about how people ignore 3rd parties during elections...
i'm not a 3rd party that often.. so i wouldn't know/care much about that myself.....

-for about some environmental plan that students were going to be a part of.. and yeah. here's my enviro-plan.

a story was talkin' smack on how bad the shcool's alcohol/drug education program was->

That's about enough rushed cartoons for the moment.

Here's the LAST 'O' Fficial work doodle. because work is now done with for the moment. i thought... hmmmmm.. what would be the most time consuming, and keep me the most occupied. a.... planet?

next up. colored this picture. characters owned/conceived/envisioned by Kyle. my brother.

next up. colored this too. as you can tell... just coloring everything i have for practice.
"dreamshorn" ? sounds like a fun title. just experimenting with brushes and what not.


more of... something, to be continued.. i'm sure.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

LEVEL UP! can now use "textures"

hahahaaaaa... that's what it feels like. i can just see the mini 8-bit version of me, dancing to the level up music (which only involves a spin, and then continuous raising up and down of the hand until you push start or 'A' but you're not really sure, so you push both)

so yeah, FINALLY getting the hang of textures, dual brushes, and all that jibba jabba.

SO - was coloring up some more old pictures, for photoshop practice/exp. points/gil/elixirs, etc.

(incredible hulk+the flash)
picture a wrecking ball, moving at the speed of... the flash. but he can jump through buildings and all sorts of crazy stuff like that.

what?? a weird static-powered.. old she-male thing??? no. not really. but yeah, another fun draw.

..or ScareCrogan, or Scareverine, or Scrowgan, or Something like that. heh.
(wolverine+scare crow)
couldn't decide on a name - for the moment these are the ones i'm leaning towards.

these were all done about 3 years ago, when LeS (LeSean Thomas) had artxilla up and thriving.. apparently the 'golden ages' of the artxilla forum (as you can tell by clicking - it is no more... ) happened while i was gone, but i'm watching most the guys i found there on deviantart.. anyways - artxilla had this fun little 'art jam' thing going on, where you create an original character using somebody from DC & Marvel. i did three, because it was fun... and i needed a little bit of motivation at the moment, or a reason to wake up and draw something (i was sleeping in every DAY during the summer back then, until like... 1 sometimes 2pm... )

but yeah. there you go.
last week of working full time.
happy kevin.

Monday, August 11, 2008

shikamaru + dolphINK + Antimo: King of Shadow + RYU highscore (vs Guile) + urban samurai in color = art dump!

welp... no real thoughts for the day that have completed themselves yet..
let's get on with the art dump, shall we?

old shikamaru picture colored up:

another IOU off my checklist - dolphink :

some doodles from work... first, Antimo: King of Shadow

second, RYU newhighscore!! (vs. guile)

and last but not least, Urban Samurai (old pic i colored up to gain some PS experience and level up a bit)

everything slowly comes together.

on a few other notes, i ran to jordan landing and back - i ran into the wind both ways, which was perfect because it was hot. and hot is a fag. plus it rained .. rain-core (possible band name?). which was awesome. i never liked hot... such a fag.

other news... it's become PAINFULLY SICK and OBVIOUS that tupac is living. if you don't think so... you're ridiculously ignorant, or don't really care. same difference... but still. it's ridiculous how LIVING this guy is.
- life, etc... to be continued.

Friday, July 18, 2008


so.. here's the most recent installment of work doodles.
i just kept staring at the paper, but nothing happened. . . so i decided to just draw a bunch of random crap to see what came out, and it sorta evolved into this cuban/vampire looking guy.

still having ink in the blue bic pen = awesome.
heheh... today, we got so many calls i didn't even have time to doodle though.. i started getting really impatient, and grabbed a brick of sticky notes, and started animating some stick figure figures beating the STICK out of each other. i think this is my new favorite thing to do at work...

there's gotta be a program that works like a flip pad on the computer where you can create your own animations.. right? people?? cry for answers??? too much fun.

other random news - i tried to do a back flip.

i snapped my head back, right on to the carpet, which is lovingly spread over a slab of CEMENT!! wow... i felt like there was an entire floor pressing on my head for a few minutes.. and the next few days i felt a little more dazed than usual...

i will do a back flip. i swear - it's physically WAY easy to do, but the mental commitment to do one demands 100%... i think life is full of mental back flips too, but they work the same way - if you're not 100% committed to making some kind of choice, nothing's gonna happen. that, or something really bad'll happen. success=commitment.
which makes me think... since success=commitment, even though my back flip sucked all sorts of racial profanities, if i was 100% there mentally, would i have still landed on my head?? maybe. maybe not.. reminds me of a quote from like, some inventor or something.

"That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do - not that the nature of the thing has changed, but the will to do has increased."

if you could perfectly acquire a talent or ability the very first time you tried, trying wouldn't be as meaningful then... would it. you in essence would have no will, yourself, if that's how life worked for everybody.

hmmmm..... interesting.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Majin Mario: The Red Kamehameha

Mario is freaking INSANE!! i've always sorta had this funny story line in my head, where Mario pretty much just loses it, and goes on this violent rampage throughout the mushroom kingdom universe. here's a glimpse of his madness.

it's kinda like a Majin Buu or Majin Vegeta thing, if you ever saw that part of dragon ball z. or kinda like Ryu's dark hadou thing, if you tried following street fighter II, after the... ummm... original street fighter II. so yeah... like that, but Mario.

more secret photoshop moves welcome (*coff* Kory! *ahmm*) - i played around with all that jitter stuff for pen pressure. AMAZING. anyways - anybody got any quick/effective ways to digitally ink stuff? so far, my best move is adjusting levels after i scan my pencils.. that's about it.

as for life, it's good.. i'm back in this cycle of death where i stay up late, wake up late, and miss out on doing lots of little important things.. and feel like i'm not progressing as a human soul... but then my will meter keeps building up and up, until all my will-fluid howls and blasts out of my veins, and i'm able to ride this wave of gushing will for a splurge of time. being so obsessed with free time, now that it's constantly sucked up by work motivates me to do what i want to do, but if i sit still for too long, my eye-lids get heavy, and the only thing i want to do, is just help them tuck my eyes back into their sockets, and have a deep... deep... nap.

Monday, June 30, 2008

bat girl begins

so.. not really - it just wouldn't work for me.
but, doodling at work+somebody paying me for the doodle=not bad. right?
request was to draw them as bat girl - here it is.

weapon of choice at work is still my blue bic pen.

in other news, i guess it was my birthday yesterday. that was pretty cool - got a mountain of brownies, food straight from the imperial chinese courts of his majesty FONG, and some high octane giftcard action to purchase goods to my heart's content. no real thought provoking literature to provoke your thoughts with at this moment.

will to draw drowns will to write at this moment, which is mostly a good thing.
-to be continued.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Naruto: Enter the Tablet

couldn't contain myslef - these things are just WAY too much fun. i should've gotten a job to pay for one of these a lot sooner.... heheh..

anyways, i broke it in by coloring this naruto rock/paper/scissors fight that's been going on in my sketchbook for a few weeks now. i never do fan art of anything, unless it's of something nostalgic-ish, or there's some weird, strong emotional attachment to it... which is what nostalgia is, i guess. just strong emotional attachments that have fermented with time.. heh..

anyways, life goes on. anybody is welcome to drop any knowledge on how to take care of tablets, and how NOT to do anything stupid to them. plus any other extra masonic-like tablet secrets are always welcome, as usual. since i'm pretty new to this whole thing.

more tablet on the way. i think i'll do some stuff completely in photoshop and see how it turns out... i think i might try that whole no outlines look. some people pull it off really well.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Down with THE KING!!

or maybe, 'God save THE KING!!' ... both sound like great band names, or just titles for this exalted doodle i just finished up at work. MAN i hate working... but they give me so much FILTHY money i just keep coming back. . . . filthy filthy money.

a man once wrote 'the mo' money we come across, the mo' problems we see-eeeee' except a girl would sing that part, and it was ALL over the radio when it came out.

speaking of FILTHY money, and the mo' -ness of it, i actually went out and bought myself a new toy. a wacom bamboo drawing tablet!!! holy. crap. it's. amazing.
definitely makes up for the three days in a row i've been stuck not having any time after work, and that fateful night me and my brother went out to like, 3 best buy's, and they were all closed, and we went on an hour hunt not for hot eats, but cool treats, and there was just NO dairy queen to be found.
that sucked.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

arab movie work doodle + victortle

so - here's my most recent doodle from work. the goal at first was to do an arab version of M. Bison, with a little visor on his teeny hat (which would have been hilarious...) but I didn't.
so yeah, turned into a mock cover of a movie, if they made one based off of where i work.

ps - i blurred the company name on the bottle. it's just better that some of you people just don't know that information. seriously.

and here's something that i finished up finally after the request had been made back in like, february? this is a friend at work, Victor, riding a turtle. title of picture=VicTortleyup... finally trying to draw more often, and succeeding? hahah.. hey Roger! maybe that means i might get into some of that hoodie love stuff before school starts! which reminds me, i still need to take a look at the primary-tees thing you were talking about...

Thursday, May 29, 2008


as opposed to 'mario kart' - this is just something i finally finished coloring up. i think i blogged the lines up here not too long ago. . .

thanks for the little tip KORY! seriously helped the coloring process of this thing by A LOT. any other little photoshop secrets you've got in your little secret bag of... secrecy would be welcome. heh.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

frank work doodle

just finished up another doodle i'd started at work - this is frank, my co-worker/friend/person, doing a reverse-double dragon-esque spin kick

again, really the only satisfaction i get from working is the idle time to do stuff like this... and the part where they give me money is always good. always.

so, funny thing - i actually had a dream that i was addicted to cigarettes last night. in reality i've never smoked anything in my life. but in this dream, the muscle movement to bring the cigarette to my mouth and actually smoke it was so habitual that it was border line involuntary, and i just sorta watched it happen. weird. i felt like the dumbest idiot, but it wouldn't stop. woke up, had a good laugh.... but it's funny in a weird... sorta way, too. i'm sure there's a hidden meaning in there somewhere... but yeah. just say "no" to smoking.

Friday, May 16, 2008

fishe-eye work doodle

hey! just finished up a doodle from work again.

just playing around with a sorta 'fish-eye' look, and throwing random stuff on, just for fun...
pretty much the only satisfaction i get from work... besides all the dirty MONEY they throw at me. which is cool.

anyways, at this rate, my notepad at work is turning into a work sketch book. which is cool.

i might update this post with some meaningful text... we shall see.

by the way - HERO OF THE DAY = KORY EFFING HUBBELL!!!!!! totally saved my photoshop coloring life. amazing. i'm so excited to color now.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

He-MAN: masters of paradise

Hey!!! Seems like it's been a while since i've had a good blog... what's new? life is becoming progressively better in ways i'm not able to perceive...

so like, this one time? i drew he-man. i let this cook for a little bit in my blue sketchbook - i just wanted to draw him somewhere in hawaii, with some local like-skirted people, as they hunt some fish beast or something for the upcoming luau festival or something... or the fish beast keeps crashing the luau party, and they're finally putting an end to it. either way, it's He-MAN. did you know there was an episode where He-Man meets his grandfather?? crazy stuff, i know.

more He-Man fanart/other nostalgic pieces to my past in drawing form to come.

i think i've finally found a way to manage my mind/time to do things i like doing more often. sorta like he-man. i mean, it's when he decides to do something by the power of greyskull - he does. so, i guess the time between when you decide to do something by the power of greyskull, to the time you actually DO it, is a good measure of how committed you are.

plus there's always a moral at the end of each episode. that's gotta count for something.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Line Killer = ME!!

HEY!! did you know if you're really dependent on the magic wand tool in photoshop, and you go really fast... you can totally KILL any good lines you had going for a picture.

i need to quit doing that. i think i've noticed a pattern for any fun little contests i've jumped on, just to tickle my fancy, have an excuse to force myself to draw.

contest pattern = find contest. like contest. think about contest. wait until 24-48hrs before contest. do something for contest. and submit accomplished/rushed thing just a couple hours after deadline for contest.

anyways, i think i'm psyched enough that i don't need to bank on that horrible formula to get me going for the moment. it's horrible, but it works when you're almost dead.

here's the latest result from that little motivation shock therapy :

it's good to be back - being back meaning i wake up before 8am, and actually DO something before works sucks about eight hours out of my spirit. it's an amazing concept - DO something, before you can't!?!? managing time and will in such a way to accomplish goal?? happy.

oh by the way - if you wanted to count some hidden bottles from that last thing i blogged, go for it -
not quite the final version, as i darkened reflections and minor things here and there. didn't bother saving final version, per me not feeling like it. which i'm totally still cool with.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

+work doodle +thought doodle...

hey. got a quick picture you can look at that i did at work. used company logo for the hat... it's actually a weird... juice company. so that's actually a shot of juice mario's pooring. i ended up using this image for a weird puzzlebook our company threw together for the new training groups that come in. it was 'find all the bottles of juice' basically. the picture i hid the bottles in, are in a different version of this picture... so don't bother looking for the hidden bottles. i'm serious. DON'T DO IT!!

yeah... haven't been too keen on updating... anything, really. that goes for my personal life as well. just pretty much come home and crash... or go running. or think about how i should go running.

the concept of 'updating' my personal life sounds kind of funny for the moment. don't know why. i've got a pretty good understanding of where i'm at.. and how much time i'm not using to better that whole situation. . . (the part in that situation being where i don't DO anything.... heh.)

but whatever. cool stuff HAS been happening, though. it's just in a progressive aspect, it's a little hard to sense for the moment. i'm happy though, even though i'm not too thrilled about work (except the part where they give me large quantities of moneys) , regardless of most personal time being non-existent to organize or progress any thoughts that might be floating around, or sharpen the blade of my soul on a piece of paper, or a good decision. SO - i've gotta pick an choose. it's all about time management... and making time to do little things here and there to influence the whole 'big picture' i'm looking at, to help the vision get a little clearer.

i'll probably express this at a later time... but i just keep feeling like i'd really like some weird orb, or strange device that fits in the palm of my hand, which continually harbors all the feelings/experiences/thoughts/dreams/desires i continue to have. . . that i can take a peek at every once in a while. i dunno.. it'd just be a cool reference tool for ANYTHING you'd EVER do.

well. long story short, i analyze life way too much some times... think way too much about how to organize it all on paper, so i can access it quickly, and do something more with it. but... ultimately that doesn't quite matter.

happiness is a state of being, not a destination - if you freak out too much trying to get there, you'll never be there. it's not about THERE. it's about you BEING.

and..... i'm done thinking out loud for the night. hopefully you enjoyed the picture, at least.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

RUSHED naruto contest comic

so.... in relation to my first post of some character sheets - second part of this contest, was to do a 3-10 pager, going up against somebody else, and basically show how your guys would've cheated on the naruto written exam. . .
so. i conceived the idea a while ago... didn't do the pencils till about a couple days before the deadline (march 31st), and shade and text were all done in about... 4 - 5 hours before the deadline....
SO. here's my WAY rushed 6 pager, to get all the raw content in. if you haven't seen this part of naruto... let me know if you get really confused. you probably will at first anyways - but i just wanna get an opinion of somebody who has no idea what this is supposed to be. that'd be cool. oh -ps. the other characters were from the character sheets mend from the guy i was up supposedly up against... i just sorta used 'em for my story purposes. (i think i was supposed to be more focused on my characters... but i think it all turns out okay)

judged on quality.. creativity.. and something else i guess.. can't remember. results later.

page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4

page 5

page 6ix!!

i stayed up till 4am making sure the dryer would stop so i could load some promised clothes in there, but apparently the guy was broken. so, got up at 8 the next day for a dentist cleaning.... where they basically carved out my teeth from a 2 year build up of plack.. (heh. i know that sounds graphic, but it's mostly an exaggeration. mostly. ) (oh- and i couldn't stop licking the backs of my lower teeth, cuz it was so fun to feel the grooves between the individual teeth) and then droned through work... got home, and laid on my bed at about 10:30pm.. woke up at 5am - the lights in my room were still on, which made me laugh.
woke up again and then 7:30am.. 8, and then 8:30 - for having slept so long.. i was able to account for at least 8 dreams - ranging from me living in a gangland war zone to being donkey kong in supersmash bros. brawl and beating the KONG out of everybody to survive.

all of which were products of the rushing wind effects of procrastination. not a bad sacrifice when you get to smack people off the screen to their death in the form of a giant APE wearing a tie.