Friday, July 18, 2008


so.. here's the most recent installment of work doodles.
i just kept staring at the paper, but nothing happened. . . so i decided to just draw a bunch of random crap to see what came out, and it sorta evolved into this cuban/vampire looking guy.

still having ink in the blue bic pen = awesome.
heheh... today, we got so many calls i didn't even have time to doodle though.. i started getting really impatient, and grabbed a brick of sticky notes, and started animating some stick figure figures beating the STICK out of each other. i think this is my new favorite thing to do at work...

there's gotta be a program that works like a flip pad on the computer where you can create your own animations.. right? people?? cry for answers??? too much fun.

other random news - i tried to do a back flip.

i snapped my head back, right on to the carpet, which is lovingly spread over a slab of CEMENT!! wow... i felt like there was an entire floor pressing on my head for a few minutes.. and the next few days i felt a little more dazed than usual...

i will do a back flip. i swear - it's physically WAY easy to do, but the mental commitment to do one demands 100%... i think life is full of mental back flips too, but they work the same way - if you're not 100% committed to making some kind of choice, nothing's gonna happen. that, or something really bad'll happen. success=commitment.
which makes me think... since success=commitment, even though my back flip sucked all sorts of racial profanities, if i was 100% there mentally, would i have still landed on my head?? maybe. maybe not.. reminds me of a quote from like, some inventor or something.

"That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do - not that the nature of the thing has changed, but the will to do has increased."

if you could perfectly acquire a talent or ability the very first time you tried, trying wouldn't be as meaningful then... would it. you in essence would have no will, yourself, if that's how life worked for everybody.

hmmmm..... interesting.

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  1. Kevin! So, as far as having a program to do animations with, I believe The Boy has something perfect for you called Ulead GIF Animator or something. He uses it to make his YTMNDs.

    Also, there's a program called IrfanView that I used to do something like what you're talking about (making an animation from a bunch of stills) for my graphics class. Basically, you name each image so that they appear in the right order when you sort them alphabetically. Like, 0001.jpg (or .bmp, or whatever you use), 0002.whatever, 0003.whatever, you get the idea. Open it up in IrfanView, and you can just scroll through them with the mouse wheel. Kinda cool for testing before you decide to mash them into a real animation. I'll let you know if I find more toys that do this.