Monday, June 30, 2008

bat girl begins

so.. not really - it just wouldn't work for me.
but, doodling at work+somebody paying me for the doodle=not bad. right?
request was to draw them as bat girl - here it is.

weapon of choice at work is still my blue bic pen.

in other news, i guess it was my birthday yesterday. that was pretty cool - got a mountain of brownies, food straight from the imperial chinese courts of his majesty FONG, and some high octane giftcard action to purchase goods to my heart's content. no real thought provoking literature to provoke your thoughts with at this moment.

will to draw drowns will to write at this moment, which is mostly a good thing.
-to be continued.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Naruto: Enter the Tablet

couldn't contain myslef - these things are just WAY too much fun. i should've gotten a job to pay for one of these a lot sooner.... heheh..

anyways, i broke it in by coloring this naruto rock/paper/scissors fight that's been going on in my sketchbook for a few weeks now. i never do fan art of anything, unless it's of something nostalgic-ish, or there's some weird, strong emotional attachment to it... which is what nostalgia is, i guess. just strong emotional attachments that have fermented with time.. heh..

anyways, life goes on. anybody is welcome to drop any knowledge on how to take care of tablets, and how NOT to do anything stupid to them. plus any other extra masonic-like tablet secrets are always welcome, as usual. since i'm pretty new to this whole thing.

more tablet on the way. i think i'll do some stuff completely in photoshop and see how it turns out... i think i might try that whole no outlines look. some people pull it off really well.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Down with THE KING!!

or maybe, 'God save THE KING!!' ... both sound like great band names, or just titles for this exalted doodle i just finished up at work. MAN i hate working... but they give me so much FILTHY money i just keep coming back. . . . filthy filthy money.

a man once wrote 'the mo' money we come across, the mo' problems we see-eeeee' except a girl would sing that part, and it was ALL over the radio when it came out.

speaking of FILTHY money, and the mo' -ness of it, i actually went out and bought myself a new toy. a wacom bamboo drawing tablet!!! holy. crap. it's. amazing.
definitely makes up for the three days in a row i've been stuck not having any time after work, and that fateful night me and my brother went out to like, 3 best buy's, and they were all closed, and we went on an hour hunt not for hot eats, but cool treats, and there was just NO dairy queen to be found.
that sucked.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

arab movie work doodle + victortle

so - here's my most recent doodle from work. the goal at first was to do an arab version of M. Bison, with a little visor on his teeny hat (which would have been hilarious...) but I didn't.
so yeah, turned into a mock cover of a movie, if they made one based off of where i work.

ps - i blurred the company name on the bottle. it's just better that some of you people just don't know that information. seriously.

and here's something that i finished up finally after the request had been made back in like, february? this is a friend at work, Victor, riding a turtle. title of picture=VicTortleyup... finally trying to draw more often, and succeeding? hahah.. hey Roger! maybe that means i might get into some of that hoodie love stuff before school starts! which reminds me, i still need to take a look at the primary-tees thing you were talking about...