Wednesday, November 30, 2011

gallery stuff and squiggles

 so, i'm taking this plein air class right?  we're painting the provo tabernacle next to Window Box Gallery, right?  One thing led to another, and now we're all in part of this show there, and the opening social will be  during the Friday Night Gallery Stroll, December 2, 2011 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  you can come if you want.  you can also by my picture if you want...  cause it'll be for sale.  cool huh?

also, for the same class, now that it's getting kinda too cold to be painting outside, we're doing stuff based on some of the studies we did.  you''ll notice that part of downtown provo is making a cameo in this one.  also, i'm ripping off the white mage a little (kind of a lot actually..) cause i think it would make for a sweet hoodie design.. heh.

 also, here are some results from playing "squiggles."  squiggles is where you get somebody to make some crazy line on your paper, without the line crossing over itself (because then it becomes a "scribble"..  and i wasn't playing "scribbles") and then you turn it into something.  i like to add the extra challenge of asking them if they want me to do a human, animal, environment or vehicle...  just so i don't go for the easiest solution.  pretty fun stuff.

 and here's me playing squiggles with myself, where i'll just lightly kinda do some random squiggles/lines without any purpose, until i can see something cool... and then i go for it.

 so yeah..  inktober didn't really happen for me..  but i'm okay with that.  been trying to juggle homework, work, freelance work, and graduating all at the same time... next year man.  next year.

remember Mariachi-Dachi???  well i certainly do.  i've now got a solid script in the works (my brother Kyle's been helping me out a lot with it too!!) - almost done actually.  got the mariachi band all figured out, the main bad guy, and some side characters.  i may put up some of the designs later, but once i start knocking out panels beginning of january, i'll let you in on some sneak peeks before it all gets finished/printed, and i graduate, and disappear from the internet forever, or something like that.  or something completely opposite like that.  whatevs.