Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dragonballs and Vikings

dragonball self-portrait. because flying nimbus is rad. and akira toriyama changed my life.  :]
finally got around to finishing this one - started it up 11/29/2011.  process in gif format this time instead - any process junkies out there have any opinion on gifs vs multiple still images they can flip back and forth from???  still can decide what i like better...  i'd rather just have people give me their psd files so i can dissect em myself ;)

oh.  also another one real quick i forgot to put up on blogger.  enter: Parasite Viking!

this started out as a drawing game 2 years ago  (where you just take turns drawing one thing onto a silhouette) between me and my wife (back when she was in girlfriend form.)
to try and keep up with the tradition of the first christmas present i gave her, i thought i’d paint this…   also finally got around to finishing it :]


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Split Ends: Tomb Raider Reborn

so.  here's another entry for a contest going down over at deviantart.  really hard not to resist doing anything when they tempt you with an after party hosted by Ben Franklin and a bunch of his homies.

anyway, if you're interested - i gots the step-by-step for this over on my tumblr.

also, here's a lovely free online game that was recently brought to my attention. Fear Less!  love the music, love the design... and the concept is on a higher psychological level that i TOTALLY dig.  kinda gave me the warm-fuzzies like Coma..     also Little Nemo, if we wanna go way back...  still love that game.   I have a suspicion that The Matrix was somewhat inspired by Winsor Mccay (author/illustrator of the original comic strips that inspired the game)  I mean, there's a king named "Morpheus," and Nemo original receives an invite to slumberland from some random chick (Trinity??) COINCIDENCE!?!? maybe. :]

just love games about sleep/dream/exploring the subconscious-y kinda stuff.
 if you know me, you know that i sleep. a lot. and for a LONG time..  left un-acted upon by an outside force, i'm usually in bed for 9-12 hours...  being asleep all this time, i've noticed things, and here's a few of them, while on this subject:

thing 1) when i'm actively writing down my dreams, they're easier to remember.

thing 2) not only do i remember them easier, but i remember more dreams than just one.

thing 3) when i'm in peek dream remembering condition, i can usually make out 5 dreams that happened in one night...  which is cool, if you think about the following:  a sleep cycle is about 90 minutes.  on average i'd get about 7 and a half hours of sleep... which averages out to FIVE SLEEP CYCLES.
does ONE DREAM = ONE SLEEP CYCLE?????  COINCIDENCE??!?! i have no idea....
goodnight everybody! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Satellite Soda DUMP

so.  there was this daily draw party going on over at satellite soda i thought i'd get in on.. tried pushing more story in (most of) my stuff to add more substance to the sketches.

for the last day, i tried to cram as many characters i came up with during the month as possible onto one page.  after doing a head count, still missing 26 (minus crowds).. haha.  definitely hope to bring some of these guys and their stories to life some day :]

 here are the rest, in no particular order. 


 mech with dragon gun. (dragun??...)


 let the sitar cry..


 NES trucker. custom steering wheel - A to accelerate, B for brakes


 i picture space pirates as like, these really annoying "party dudes" that run in and nab all the normal pirates hard-earned plunder. they can't stand 'em.


 inspired by the custom lego starwars characters created by me and my wife (for the record, my guy is darth pinkerton)

 fresh coat of paint

 game idea.  beat a skater, get their deck/sword/power. mega man style.

 mail angel

 quick sci-fi doodle chick

set a course for robot-pirate island.  i'm looking at you, spongebob.

 ratagast.. brother of radagast, the brown. (that one wizard in that movie about the hairy kid and a ring)

skull boss.  should be in a game like final fight or something.

tengu warriors


 the only way

 the wand chooses you

 "This Beard is bigger than BOTH OF US!!"

 water wings mech. easily navigates both terrestrial and aquatic environments

wolfpack vs lioness

 "what e'er thou art, act well thy part"

"yeah, I know..."

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