Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i'm blogged.

well, i was finally talked into bustin' out onto the whole blog scene (thanks Kory). and bust out i shall, though ''blog'' sounds more like some kinda filthy onomatopoeia that sorta clings to your innards and forces you to double over, or weep like a small child. that's just the impression i get.

so anyways.. i'll probably be using this blog to vomit any thoughts i have onto the filmy.. bloggy layer of cyberspace that separates us, with hopes that a just a little portion of said thought vomit seeps through far enough to touch you in some profound, yet unusually way.

so.. yeah.
with that said, i think i'll throw some pictures up that i've recently finished, and maybe some random sketches and other.... or ridiculously similar forms of thought.

so. i'm entering random contests anywhere good ones happen to pop up and catch my fancey. in this contest, we were supposed to create a three man team, based off the naruto world.
so. i couldn't resist - this team is from from the hidden village of the mushroom kingdom,

"Gunji Bombsuke" and his sword.. "DANGAN"

"Willy Tortuga"

"Morky Timido"

had a LOT of fun doing this... basically, there's just so much to work with that i really had to hold myself back from just stuffing it all into just three people.

oh... and obviously whoever the "hokage" version of this village is, wears a ceremonial red hat with an "M" on it. ;)