Saturday, August 30, 2008

Randomly big ART dumpage

okay... so. i'm at school now - but i do cartoons for this other school. here's a couple of them that i just shot out really quick..... hhaahahah.... i mean, REALLLLY quick. wow. i almost feel guilty for how quick these happened......................... . . . almost.

i draw for the 'opinions' section of their paper... first week was sorta hectic, just because there was NO schedule, and i'd get a cartoon request just thrown at me from outta nowhere that they needed the next day.... but that's all done with, so hopefully these start coming out a little more polished up and what not...

-for a story about going back to school, and how it's scary or something...

about Obama's VP selection. obviously-
sorta rushed... not too happy with that->

-for how Utah doesn't have enough bike lanes.... meh. I don't ride a bike too much to know/care much about that.

this one->about how people ignore 3rd parties during elections...
i'm not a 3rd party that often.. so i wouldn't know/care much about that myself.....

-for about some environmental plan that students were going to be a part of.. and yeah. here's my enviro-plan.

a story was talkin' smack on how bad the shcool's alcohol/drug education program was->

That's about enough rushed cartoons for the moment.

Here's the LAST 'O' Fficial work doodle. because work is now done with for the moment. i thought... hmmmmm.. what would be the most time consuming, and keep me the most occupied. a.... planet?

next up. colored this picture. characters owned/conceived/envisioned by Kyle. my brother.

next up. colored this too. as you can tell... just coloring everything i have for practice.
"dreamshorn" ? sounds like a fun title. just experimenting with brushes and what not.


more of... something, to be continued.. i'm sure.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

LEVEL UP! can now use "textures"

hahahaaaaa... that's what it feels like. i can just see the mini 8-bit version of me, dancing to the level up music (which only involves a spin, and then continuous raising up and down of the hand until you push start or 'A' but you're not really sure, so you push both)

so yeah, FINALLY getting the hang of textures, dual brushes, and all that jibba jabba.

SO - was coloring up some more old pictures, for photoshop practice/exp. points/gil/elixirs, etc.

(incredible hulk+the flash)
picture a wrecking ball, moving at the speed of... the flash. but he can jump through buildings and all sorts of crazy stuff like that.

what?? a weird static-powered.. old she-male thing??? no. not really. but yeah, another fun draw.

..or ScareCrogan, or Scareverine, or Scrowgan, or Something like that. heh.
(wolverine+scare crow)
couldn't decide on a name - for the moment these are the ones i'm leaning towards.

these were all done about 3 years ago, when LeS (LeSean Thomas) had artxilla up and thriving.. apparently the 'golden ages' of the artxilla forum (as you can tell by clicking - it is no more... ) happened while i was gone, but i'm watching most the guys i found there on deviantart.. anyways - artxilla had this fun little 'art jam' thing going on, where you create an original character using somebody from DC & Marvel. i did three, because it was fun... and i needed a little bit of motivation at the moment, or a reason to wake up and draw something (i was sleeping in every DAY during the summer back then, until like... 1 sometimes 2pm... )

but yeah. there you go.
last week of working full time.
happy kevin.

Monday, August 11, 2008

shikamaru + dolphINK + Antimo: King of Shadow + RYU highscore (vs Guile) + urban samurai in color = art dump!

welp... no real thoughts for the day that have completed themselves yet..
let's get on with the art dump, shall we?

old shikamaru picture colored up:

another IOU off my checklist - dolphink :

some doodles from work... first, Antimo: King of Shadow

second, RYU newhighscore!! (vs. guile)

and last but not least, Urban Samurai (old pic i colored up to gain some PS experience and level up a bit)

everything slowly comes together.

on a few other notes, i ran to jordan landing and back - i ran into the wind both ways, which was perfect because it was hot. and hot is a fag. plus it rained .. rain-core (possible band name?). which was awesome. i never liked hot... such a fag.

other news... it's become PAINFULLY SICK and OBVIOUS that tupac is living. if you don't think so... you're ridiculously ignorant, or don't really care. same difference... but still. it's ridiculous how LIVING this guy is.
- life, etc... to be continued.