Monday, December 21, 2009

Orange girl II D

was doing some head studies for a figure drawing class, and ran into this cool portrait. i just HAD to draw it! and now it's colored thanks to a most awesome and a most needed Christmas break.

on another slightly related note, i went skateboarding a little over 5 miles today. i probably should've gone running instead so my legs could get an even workout, but i'm just having waaaay to much fun with the skateboard as of late.

also, saw that blindside movie today. real life is awesome - when true stories of good people get out there like that, the goodness and reality of it magnifies how pathetic some of the more hollywood-esque type stuff out there really is..

Friday, December 18, 2009

Richard III

"A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!"

printed this guy out and turned him in for my narrative illustration final - obviously it was supposed to be on Richard III. if only ALL my finals were this easy and enjoyable.

on a somewhat unrelated note, i took my roommate to wal-mart - and since he takes forEVER to shop, i told him to meet me in the electronics section when he was done. while i was carrying out my pre-meditated monopoly of the new super mario bros. for the wii, in the electronics section - i must have sold at least 3 or 4 copies to people as they were walking by. haha...

got all the way to world 2, killed two bosses, and all this without dying once. the whole time, there was this little kid who was watching, asking me all sorts of questions and making random comments about his 'star wars clone wars' game. thus his education began of the finer points of nintendo history - as he was unable to identify 'that wizard guy' and by my mentioning 'super nintendo' it's as if i had constructed verbal stealth technology which i was then able to attach to each one of my words which then shot past his comprehension/hearing radar, completely undetected. or maybe he was just ignoring me.... haha.

needless to say, i ended the night by using an empty shopping cart as a scooter, and sailed all the way down the parking lot to my car. i do stuff like that.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Set Sail on Concrete Waves

the title is from my most FAVORITE line ever written by Lost Prophets, from a song called "We still kill the old way."

been stuck in my head for years.. and has resurfaced extra strong as of late, since i've picked up skating again due to my car dying on me. lucky me i had my skateboard "The S.S. Mishkin" in the trunk, ready to embark. i suck - but i absolutely LOVE it.

"So here we go again
Another time, but it feels the same
Got sick of waiting here
Set sail on concrete waves
No survivors left to save
Too late for the walking dead "
-Lost Prophets

also this guy put up some fun line-art that i felt like coloring to sorta change things up a little bit:

i've got some other people's stuff i'll be taking a crack at, color-wise - but after finals are FINALLY over by the end of this week. i just hit a nice little gap of time to take an academic break, and drop some pictures.

also, while i was walking to work the other day, i noticed this HUGE family of snowmen, complete with mini-sized snowmen children all huddled together next to some tree.... i decided it was time to send them straight to jack frost's icey cold GRAVE.

roundhoused the mom-snowman's head right off, front kicked the body off - no problems. the dad-snowman however was another story, he being constructed to be atleast 7 feet tall.. side kicks, flying jump kicks, and punches to the body were taking nice chunks out of him.. however, the icey slush guts inside were holding together really tight. finally, i was able to take him down with some elbow strikes. i think i killed most of the children just by tripping, and losing balance whilst a-killing the parents. i left one kid alive, but in the event he developed an unhealthy revenge complex, spending the rest of his life devoted to finding a way to repay the horrid debt i had left him with - i decided to come back and finish the job today.. haha.
explanation needed?? probably not, but it does bring to mind this scene at 2:38

while looking for that scene, i discovered some funny starwars stuff - but by far, the one that takes the cake is the vader sessions. worth a laugh.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Raven McMakkelson

it was not only Shigeru Miyamoto's birthday November 16th - creator of Donkey Kong, Link, and many other cool things that have enhanced the level of joy experienced in children's hearts across the earth, but it was also my BROTHER'S birthday!! and he's definitely something no nintendo suppliment could ever come close to replacing. words wouldn't do justice to express what i feel for this guy, so here are some birthday pictures i made!


"Raven McMakkelson"
heh.. i imagine some strange post-apocolyptic type RPG with people using biker gang summoning abilities, chain swords, and saving their progress at garbage cans turned into make-shift bonfires. this would be a screenshot of you equiping one of the various weapons you find during gameplay.

if you go through my nifty slideshow, you can see the before/after of this picture, as well as another one i did of him as the joker a while back. the knife was all his idea.

also, just finished up some non-birthday related thing i thought i'd throw up here too.

"Personal Geography"

also, we (as in the Shiseikai Karate club at BYU) got to put on a fun demonstration at UVU the other night as part of their culture night. really fun stuff - i'm hoping to get my hands on a video or something.

other things worthy of note:
-my car died a bunch of times (it appears to be working fine by the grace of God, for the moment) ergo, i've had some good fun skateboarding to school.
-i've made some good friends with the grounds keeper people on campus by walking on the grass, even after they suggested i use the sidewalk instead. name calling insued. according to this passionate and avid supporter of grass, i'm a "moron." i still think it was pretty smart of me to walk on the grass.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stained for Life...

before i get to the gross stuff - have some pictures!

made a promise to myself to doing at least 2 Earthbound pictures this year - finally knocked out number 2! sort of a companion piece to this one.

finally got around to finishing one of the many drawings that came out of my Lord of the Rings marathon about a year ago... !
i thought it'd be cool to write my name out using some runes - as it turns out, in real life there are LOOOOTS of different kinds of runes - luckily Tolkien made up his own, so there aren't as many - and i found this cool runic translator thing. check it out.
from all the unnecesarry nerd-like research i did last night, it seems pretty legit.
sometimes i wish i was nerd-core enough that i knew the runic alphabet, but i usually try and keep my contact between hobbits, dwarfs, and other races that don't exist in real life to a minimum.

kay. time for some nasty pictures.. not that nasty, really. but about 4 months ago (jul. 18, 2009) a day that will live in infamy - i was a victim of a drive-by shooting, à la paintball. only one hit me, but it was my drawing hand covering my face..

"day 1"
kept oozing blood, wasn't sure what was paint, what was blood, or if paint had been injected into deeper surfaces of my body...

"day 2"this one's a few days later, i think.

"when the scab came off.. WEEKS later"

AAAAND here's the best part.
"4 MONTHS later"

so far it's looking like i'm stained for life.. cool huh.
victimized and marked by the act of stupidity.
could be worse.

i think what got to me the most was the shooters (most likely) didn't even know who i was.
i guess the real lesson here is hatred, pride, stupidity and things like that are always out there to mess with you - not caring who you are, and the more you become possessed by these things, the less likely you'll care about other people too.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I've got a baaaaad feeling about this

so, i like to do this thing when i watch movies - basically attempt to draw the entire movie with quick sketches, and then LATER add in details. that way, i can enjoy the movie rather than focus too much on drawing. FUN! anyways, here are the results after doing a starwars episode 4-6 marathon instigated by none other than KYLE himself. what's that??? you KNOW you look like him.

first day of school tomorrow, first day of work tomorrow, first day of..... tomorrow... tomorrow?

Monday, August 24, 2009

streets with no names, and 2 year old men

so. i got into the BFA. very cool - HOWEVER. something cooler - one of my favorite pictures from highschool!! found after sifting through some old crap i dumped out to make room in my big black portfolio thing. i drew this during... "tech lab" i think. about 5 1/2 years ago. i was so bored/apathetic the whole period, i had to get it out of my system - and here we are. since i liked it so much, i thought it deserved a little bit of a face lift. here's the original. sort of a self-portrait - i used to have THE coolest red owen's corning plumbing jacket. and some well made grey pants. both now are broken and don't work anymore, sadly.

also, this cool person that draws invited everybody to join in on a little drawing game. me and my brothers ALWAYS used to do something very similar to this - i don't know how it started, but the end goal was to make the guy look as ugly and gross as possible. still fun to this day. anyways, i joined in on this guy's game - it had been QUITE a while since i'd done any ode to dragonball, so i figure i was due.

also, i found another treasure while cleaning out the portfolio - a 2 year old man!! i don't do stuff like this enough. freshman year at BYU, our apartment received some weird magazine, and so i decided to make use of it.

also, i have a job interview in about 12 hours. very cool.
hope you all wake up nicely today. goodnight!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

American Chopper

was sketchin' a while back at some airport, and these guys happened to show up on the page. MAN, i love this show.. it was sad to find out that Vinnie left. heh.

also, my hand wound from the drive-by paint-balling i experienced from a few weeks ago is almost completely gone. i'll put some pictures up to gross you guys out soon.

Monday, July 27, 2009

How to use Chopsticks

to eat sweat 'n sour SHRUNKEN HEAD SOUP!!!!!! . . . i know, this is kind of weird. it happens. i was going through my mini-sketchbook from last year, and found this little treasure. had to color it. i think it's actually supposed to be a self-portrait of myself. yes.

HellboyCOLORS (i didn't draw this)

first off - i didn't draw this.
i've been meaning to draw Hellboy FOREVER, but it seems to be one of those things i never get around to doing. so when THIS GUY did, i had to jump on it with some colors. and i added the tail.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ghost Stories??? Just add fire.

so, i sketched up this ugly mug i lovingly call "fat face." after some ink and proper color treatment, i was playing around with channels in photoshop, and was kinda shocked how sad and stone cold the dude looked without his fire.

for some reason, it's really fun for me to draw exceptionally fat and grotesque things.. always has been.

slightly related side-note: now that all swelling is down on my left hand (from a drive-by paintball shooting saturday), it looks all yellow and sickly.. pictures will come.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mega Man X9 box art

HOLY EFF BOMBS!!1!11!!!01010001110!!! MEGA MAN X9 IS ACTUALLY OUT?????????????? "

"Comparable to being the 'Luke Skywalker' of the mega man franchise -ultimately bringing balance back to the force with it's debut return to Nintendo, X9 is a thrilling gauntlet run through the falling debris of trust, hope, last chances, and reploid/maverick body parts alike. Finally, capcom has done it again."

check the trailer HERE

that's what they'd be saying if this was an actual game. all mega man copyrights capcom, wii copyrights nintendo - this is just fictional representation of a fan's dream. please, just don't hurt me.
haha... long story short - while coloring this up on the computer, i got the idea to dress it up like a game cover, and while searching for reference material stumbled across some megaman fan-site and also decided to use this as a dirty joke on a bunch of tender hearted, angsty spiteful, unsuspecting nerds. so far the responses have been pretty funny and somewhat rewarding. if the action heats up any more, i'll post a link. but here are some of the highlights thus far:

"Logo is actually pretty good. I make boxart, and this probably wouldn't be it.
-a 14 yr. old kid, occupation - 'video games' and 'graphic designer'

"His buster is too big, and the expression and eye color is way off. Good attempt though."
-a 15 yr. old kid, occupation - 'new generation reploid'

i had all these devious plots to create multiple accounts, and link them to some japanese sites i know of that would serve has free image hosting, to create more legitimacy and false hype... pitting nerds with long histories of friendship against eachother across cyberspace, locked in an epic dual of big talk and unofficial, pretentious wannabe fan-authenticity. though it would have been epic, i have more productive and important things i should be doing in REAL life.

that said, if you happen to be one of the nerds in question (hey, we're all nerds of some kind - calm down) congratulations on finding this blog, or any other random presence i assume on the information super-highway.

for the moment, you can check out the original picture with out logos, etc - HERE
original sketch - HERE

almost forgot - random megaman videos i've enjoyed:
rejected mega man villains
What if MegaMan had lyrics by brentalfloss:
-Mega Man 2 title screen
-Mega Man 2

OH - and SUPER random fact - satruday night, while running, i was the victim of a drive-by paintball shooting. only one paintball hit me, unfortunately it was my drawing hand i used to guard my face, and after cleaning the oozing blood and lots of icing - i had to wait a day later to finish this picture up.

sort of ironic to be shot at, while running, WHILE doing a picture of somebody getting shot at, while running...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

LepROCKon!!! Pick your Destiny.

so... this wasn't going to be hardcore irish/leprechaun-y, but one thing led to another, and here we are. plus, he sorta looks like Bono from U2. there's Bono, 'The Edge,' and.... those other two guys who have actual real names, and because of such, i'll never remember who they are.

i had some fun thinking up some hardcore irish metal-esque band names for this guy...

-no more rainbows
-rainbow's raiser (edge?)
-bleeding rainbow
-metal rain

i think my favs would have to be LepROCKon, and no more rainbows.
thoughts? other suggestions?

Saturday, July 4, 2009


so - exactly a year later, i'm re-doing the colors on THIS. i figure if Mario's gonna be flingin' around some hardcore fire power, he might as well be sporting the traditional red/white ensemble.

nintendo + dragon ball z = YES

Friday, June 26, 2009


not much is new.. still hunting for jobs and motivation. HOWEVER, i got me one of them fancy brown recycle paper sketchbooks finally, and on the front it says "earthbound." SO. i was inspired to do something in memory of one of the greatest RPGs ever fabricated by man. EARTHBOUND! great soundtrack too - go grab some free epic remixes over here.

also, before the Earthbound tribute - i had colored some sketch that's been sitting in one of my other sketchbooks for a while... basically, the idea was based on my belief that our statues are absolutely sissy-looking, and we should make cooler ones - even if that means giving a fake background with memorial plaques, thus enhancing the flavor of our ancient past using historical fallacies... heh.

been meaning to share some youtube treats i found as well:
Earthbound Saga - if you're a HUGE Earthbound fan, and you have some time to kill, check it out. 4 episodes, each around 10 minutes +. it's a lot like...
College Saga, except not as well made as college saga. either way, go watch college saga for some more live action RPG nerd fun!
Coach Hines has become one of my new favorite people! check him out, or i'll grind your body into a fine salt with my bare fists, which i will then use to season both kidneys i will have recently skewered out from your body on the end of a FLAG POLE!
Classic 80's songs in RAGTIME - he's good.
Matt Rach - insanely good guitarist. insanely. he can mimic Jimi Hendrix perfectly. perfectly! plus he does a lot of other stuff. turns out he's from Valenciennes too, which is cool - because that's the best part of France - the NORTH.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

He-MAN: masters of paradise

figured i'd color this He-man picture i did in my sketchbook a little over a year ago. very fun learning experience as well. and in case you haven't heard about He-Man, you're probably a jerk.

He-Man is pretty much THE man.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Don't Worry, Be Happy!!

did this in my sketchbook during psychology last semester - fun, fun stuff. went back over it with a faber-castell pen; thing for inks. really wanted to put some colors on it, so there you go.

happiness is a state of being - not a destination. happiness is a choice which allows you to be in harmony with the forces of good in this life. so don't worry, be happy!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Naruto: Re-Enter the Tablet

almost a year ago, i used a tablet for the very first time to color THIS picture. just wanted to try some new ideas/techniques out on some clean lines instead old sketches and doodles, so here we are A YEAR LATER!!!almost. heh... anyways, i'm really happy with the progress i've made. crazy stuff.

also a year later, and i'm still a shameless naruto fan. heh..

in other news, NEVER go running in shorts that are too big for you, it's not worth the effort. the only way to make it is by alternating which hand holds up your shorts, to even out the fatigue in your arms. the things we learn life can be so important sometimes.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


so, i finally finished putting some color on another doodle i did at work a year ago... man, i was productive when i was working - these days i have to 'try' to draw rather than use it as an escape mechanism. anywho, here it be:

funny timing with this one, too - while trying to get a 'hot/humid' tone to the picture, i experienced 'heat stroke' for the first time yesterday. i went running with some overcast and a breeze, about 3 and a half or 4 miles out, it all disappeared and the sun decided to start cooking me alive, and i knew it was time to head back. i hadn't had anything to eat/drink either since it was the first thing i did that day. wooooooow.... i was out for the rest of the day with a sick stomach and a nasty headache/small fever. funny thing is it RAINED about 30 min. after i got back.. isn't Utah weather GREAT!!!! seriously though, i like it.

oh, i started putting some of my sketchbook stuff on my computer from this year - here's a page from when i watched "minority report" again for the second time ever. first time was when it came out in.... 2002!? been a while:
"Minority Report"
finally, i'm starting to use my sketchbooks the right way again. anytime i draw, ANYtime - i always go for a finished product... but i'm getting away from that in a good way finally. you shall see.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Apt. s206

yep. me and my roommates of Apartment s206. we had this "quote wall" taped up on our wall, and for a while nobody was writing anything on it, so i figured i'd make use of the blank space and try out my new pit pen thing.

i was originally going to make us all look like we were 60, and had been through 5 world wars or something, but really only did it to myself.
Brett = the pirate, Mike = unhealthy wolverine obsession, Roger = hobbit/cook, Taylor = (dood with the ax) funny story, he actually got a nasty cut later on in the same place i drew a scar across his nose. cool, eh? and Sean = looks pretty much like Legolas, except for his ultra square jaw. oh, and me - i'm like 50 yr old... way of the samurai-ish.. fighting type person.

even though they're all pretty cool, and we had a good time hangin' out for two semesters, I'M SO GLAD I DON'T LIVE WITH YOU GUYS ANYMORE!!! hahaha... i mean, it's good to finally take a break from school for the summer. seriously. oh yeah, and being able to go to the bathroom/shower whenever i want to is awesome. 6 guys + 1 bathroom = inconvenient.

no stories today... it's too late for stories.
i spent 9 hours today playing this addicting game "World of Goo" and i feel little to no regret.
the end.

oh, by the way - i found this on youtube a while ago, been meaning to share - thought it was genious/very entertaining, it's like one of those 'choose your own adventure' books, but with REAL people!! funny, awesome stuff.

Monday, May 4, 2009

RETURN of the Hoodie Ninja!

"The Hoodie Ninja"

the hoodie ninja returns! i've been wanting to color this for years... literally. basically, around december '04 one day, i was just staring at myself in the mirror wearing a hoodie... and impulsively pulled the drawstrings and tied them behind my head... haha.. after that, i HAD to draw it - and thus the hoodie ninja was born. should probably draw more of this guy..

"My Little Big Planet"

no... not the cool ps3 game, but i just barely finished coloring this doodle i did at work about a year ago. the concept was "what would be the most time consuming thing to keep me entertained and sane while working?" i thought drawing an entire civilization would do the trick, complete with planet. i realized about half way in that it was a little ambitious, and opted out for a more... village-esque thing. fun stuff though. happy to finally get some colors on this one.

"Unholy Alliance"

a few weeks ago, i colored this picture i drew for a friend and almost forgot to post it. here it be. those are some mission buddies. that's "Frostbeard the Pirate" on the left, and "Chung the Taiwanese Ninja" on the right.

and hey! I finished getting my last two gouache paintings on the computer from my illustration class.

"Fear of Everyone"
assignment: we could choose between 3 articles to paint/illustrate - the one i chose was about social phobia/fear of everyone. fun stuff. originally the character in the bed had huge bug eyes, which the professor supported, but when we had a critique he said "he doesn't look as charming as the others..." and wanted it changed. ummmmmmm.... you know he's supposed to be SCARED.. right? whatever. i'm sure people have had work sent back to them in the real world for reasons more ridiculous than this. no worries.

"The Rainmaker"
assignment: illustrate/paint either "narcissus and echo" or 1956 movie "the rainmaker" as a book cover, using two models (this here is my roommate Roger and his girlfriend, Laila). i liked the story of a con man getting 100 bucks claiming he could make rain, so i ran with that - i'm mostly happy with how everything turned out... except the girl in the back. apparently it sucks painting really, really small. fixing mistakes is a nightmare. good learning experience.

in other news, i made a dog cry last week.
i was out running when some mid-sized dog suddenly appears from out of wherever, and is about to give chase - usually i'm all about the chase, but not today. i instantly decided i was going to punch it right in the forehead. i turn around and yell "get away!" but i had murderous intent in my voice and my tight fist was ready to kill.

whatever it was the dog sensed, he sensed it - and hid behind some fence and started howling and most likely was soiling whoever's lawn he was on. i was going to type "crapping himself sorry" or something, but technically i think one must be wearing pants in order to crap one's self.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fish-Eye: at dawn

"Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day, at dawn look to the east. "

just finished coloring this doodle i once did at work. couldn't help the Gandalf quote popping into my head when i was half-way done throwing down some light. heh.. for some reason i've been having a thing for pink clouds and beams of light lately... sorry if your fovea processes this as a tad too psychedellic in color.. i just couldn't help it. maybe it's just a Gandalf thing.

"Tribute: The Great Swordsman"

i also found myself coloring this old picture today that i did as a gift for my friend Landon. he cut his hand up pretty hardcore (by hardcore, we're talking like, nerve reattaching, rehabilitation, weird cast thingies and so on) on a katana he found in his basement. so i did two pictures for him since it was pretty close to his birthday, and i'm RIDICULOUSLY cheap when it comes to buying things for people... and basically cheap in general. heh.. anywho, this was part 2, part 1 was more of a fun joke, which can be found here.

OH - i almost forgot! this video was brought to my attention last night, i was literally in tears i was laughing so hard... show your friends! heh... life would be so boring without other people.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Antimo: King of Shadow

"None for all, all for none."
The war for one soul continues.
Antimo: King of Shadow

i was toying with putting those words on the front of this, to make a fake cover to a comic book - perhaps another day. just finished coloring this picture i doodled during a slow day at work.

speaking of souls, i had a thought the other night. i had this impulsive idea to try and drink some water without letting a drop hit my tongue - just straight down, and into the throat. it's really easy with a water bottle. SO UNSATISFYING.

the more i tried it, the more it felt like i was just filling up a car with gas - very mechanical, just get in and get out. no sensation of taste and yet so close to it. interesting to think how special our bodies are - with out them, you can't really talk to any"body." just so distant from everything. like being in prison, or something. it's gotta be tough being a spirit after this life, not having your body. it's gotta be sorta like drinking water without tasting it, i think. i once had a dream that i was a spirit - just to get from one side of a room to another felt like sprinting for 5 mintues, and not even making it halfway. kinda interesting. . . just think about it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Under the Sea

where it is wetter, where it is better. . . under the sea? well... i guess that depends on how far "under" the sea sebastien was talking about. also, he does a diservice to all his crab-kin for using "under" in such a very ambiguous way just to further his agenda in making us think how great his natural habitat is. i'm sure there are other crabs out there with better intentions, and equipped with a better ability to employ words, such as "under."

colored a doodle last night that's been sitting on the front of one of my notebooks for a while now. just trying weird stuff, and getting better.

also colored this. originally done for a mission friend. very cool kid.
i ended up combining two lens flairs in this one.. crazy, eh?

by the way, here's an awesome song about not being able to surf--> i can't surf.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mountain Dew, Still Life.

still rockin' the gouache paint for my illustration class. (however, it is "required" to "rock" the gouache, but i'm having fun with it)

assignment: set up a still life that illustrates a healthy, or bad diet.
i sorta went for a "both" kind of approach. something like that. done in gouache paint..

"Mountain Dew, Still Life"

AAAAAAAND, i colored this picture i did for a good, turtle obsessed friend. fun stuff.

"Turtle POWER"

i once had a turlte... named him "Koopa." after a while it just seemed like the guy refused to eat, and didn't eat for like, 4 months until he died. i REALLY wanted his turtle shell, because that would be a very sweet artifact to possess, and could get kid out of many a tight situation if ever cornered by a goomba, or one of the infamous hammer brothers.

anyways.. i forgot the exact spot where i barried my turtle, and would have to ruin a lot of grass to do it now. no turtle shell as of yet.

moral of the story: eat all your food, or i'll kill you? and stuff your body in a hole behind my house. yeah.... something like that.

oh-found this guy on youtube that apparently can memorise landscapes and redraw them from memory, in a 360 panaromic view. here he is doing tokyo.

fun stuff...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Down with THE KING!! in color

so yeah - colored this
other possible titles were: the king, singing in the key of "D," or redemption song... or something like that. i don't know.

yep.. just more color practice. now that's out of the way, it's time for school type stuff...
and also - whatever it is you like to do, check yourself out some parkour and freerunning psychology - just some english kids talking about parkour, but it applies to anything you do, and how you should do it, with cool accents. with that in mind, they've actually got some really cool videos, like this one.

oh. and while we're on the subject, i ran into this video about being creative. interesting stuff:

it's just one of those things that hit me really hard, and not 100% sure why exactly... so i let it hit me about 20 to 30 more times replaying the last sentence over and over, just to make a good impression in the head. good stuff!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lord of the FILTH

great movie... really great movie.