Friday, November 20, 2009

Raven McMakkelson

it was not only Shigeru Miyamoto's birthday November 16th - creator of Donkey Kong, Link, and many other cool things that have enhanced the level of joy experienced in children's hearts across the earth, but it was also my BROTHER'S birthday!! and he's definitely something no nintendo suppliment could ever come close to replacing. words wouldn't do justice to express what i feel for this guy, so here are some birthday pictures i made!


"Raven McMakkelson"
heh.. i imagine some strange post-apocolyptic type RPG with people using biker gang summoning abilities, chain swords, and saving their progress at garbage cans turned into make-shift bonfires. this would be a screenshot of you equiping one of the various weapons you find during gameplay.

if you go through my nifty slideshow, you can see the before/after of this picture, as well as another one i did of him as the joker a while back. the knife was all his idea.

also, just finished up some non-birthday related thing i thought i'd throw up here too.

"Personal Geography"

also, we (as in the Shiseikai Karate club at BYU) got to put on a fun demonstration at UVU the other night as part of their culture night. really fun stuff - i'm hoping to get my hands on a video or something.

other things worthy of note:
-my car died a bunch of times (it appears to be working fine by the grace of God, for the moment) ergo, i've had some good fun skateboarding to school.
-i've made some good friends with the grounds keeper people on campus by walking on the grass, even after they suggested i use the sidewalk instead. name calling insued. according to this passionate and avid supporter of grass, i'm a "moron." i still think it was pretty smart of me to walk on the grass.

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  1. Dang grass people... Seriously, if they built sidewalks where they would be most useful and/or the student body was more educated in the ways of efficient walking, we wouldn't HAVE to walk on the grass. But they don't, and they aren't, so therefore, we must. I did. And I think people that have a beef with that are more anal than an actual anus.

    Next time they gripe at you, just let them know that if you DIDN'T walk on the grass, there wouldn't be a need for as many groudskeepers, and that they would be the first to be laid off. I'd be very surprised if they had any intelligent comeback to that one at all. ;)