Tuesday, January 25, 2011

more stuffs

long time no post. been drawing lots and stuff though. promise.
in no particular order, here are some pictures - most of which are based on true events that have actually happened in real life. really.

yes. i actually road a gorilla, and his name is solomon. unfortunately in real life, solomon is currently impaled by a long metal poll that keeps him forever moving in a counter-clockwise circle along with other helpless and equally impaled creatures from the animal kingdom.

the tentacles were originally going to be arrows... somehow, something went horribly awesome.

i saw two people on a scooter once. it sort of looked like this.

i saw somebody underneath a tree once. i also so a cooler looking tree earlier that day, and put them under that one instead

study of some photograph of a homeless dude. had very intense eyes.


went to this concert outside once.. apparently not finished yet.

jack and the bean stalk , in a post-post apocalyptic setting.

final painted result of one of the funnest collaborations/silhouette games i've ever played in my entire life.

for character design class - all i had to work from was the description of him being an ex-sailor, having a peg leg, pale blue eyes, a round bronze face, and what hair he had left was scraggly or something like that. i took a few liberties with the rest of it.

unfinished painting about time travel from a class i had last semester.

finished painting of the unfinished one, from a class i had last semester.

also, this guy is still making awesome music with movies and stuff. you should probably check it out.

also, life is GOOD!!! you should probably check that out too if you haven't. more stuffs later.