Monday, November 26, 2012

DED DUMP #1 (12 days and going strong!!)

still hunting jobs.  i've created an atlatl for my stylus to see if it makes it easier to take down my prey..  haha.

meanwhile, in the wake of Inktober, i discovered my productivity dropped SIGNIFICANTLY.  it felt awful.  SO, i've committed to Draw.Every.Day - NO MATTER WHAT.  and you know what???  it's worth it.  here's what i've got so far (explanations found on my tumblr blog) :

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Inktober has come and gone...  lots of fun this time around - helped me stay productive, develop some projects further, and have lots of fun with ink!  ...and slightly mimicking instagram photos, making some animated gifs, and showing a little love with some fan art here and there.  if you want explanations..  you're gonna have to dig through my tumblr or deviantart links on the sidebar --->


if you've made it this far, what would a blogger post be without a link to some MUZAK!!
so.  i've actually been (moderately) obsessed with THIS SONG by Midicronica for about....  4 or 5 years??  recently decided to look for more of their music, and found some good ones.  but more importantly, found THIS MUSIC VIDEO...  it's like, some rad Japanese Halloween version of the Gorillaz or something..  not sure what it is, but there's just something really nostalgic about how it all feels to me...
the end.