Thursday, March 31, 2011

I drew JACK (as in "and the Beanstalk")

i should have drawn a picture of Jack squatting, just as a special tribute for that idiom.. but i digress.

HERE is a bunch of concept art i've been doing in a sweet class, taught by the one and only Jake Parker (who also happens to be THE man, and all around awesome drawer of stuff) where we're basically redesigning Jack and The Beanstalk. We have a huge list of characters, props, environments, story moments and stuff that we choose from, and take them all through quick passes to final.

so WATCH as the quality of these designs go from better to worse, as i am posting them grouped, but in reverse chronological order. lots of fun.

first up, Jack. prop is one of the Giant's butter-knives i thought would be cool for him to use as a huge sword.

just figuring out some props to go with Jack

The Giant

The Village (jack's house is WAY in the back on the hill as it starts to slope down)

Jack about to climb the beanstalk, leaving home for the first time

Jack's House

The Beanstalk (missing a few steps on this one... I'll scan them in and update later)

Jack's room

The Cow(will update steps leading up to cow later..)