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Monday, June 13, 2011

Mariachi-Dachi, and BATTLECATTLE

figured i'd post something and breathe some fresh life into the blog.

all content, ideas, and secret projects slightly revealed are © ME. (previous sentence typed mostly so i can sleep tonight. easy to get paranoid over stuff like that for me.. heh..)

so. i took this ridiculously sweet comic book appreciation class taught by Jared Greenleaf. i swear he was like Morpheus, chucking red pills all over the place.. GOOD stuff. can't get enough of it now..

here's a style test for a potential 10pg short story comic (for my BFA project) of a Mariachi Band stuck in Ancient Japan.
i already have 6 pages roughed out, and almost ready to ink/color... just need to do some more research and development stuff..

for the moment, i'm calling it "Mariachi-Dachi."

next up is what i promised to show last post.. the more i think/talk about this, the more excited i get (even toying with the idea of doing this first instead of Mariachi-Dachi.)

SO. what do you get when you throw extraterrestrial encounters, forged WEAPONS, and irritable livestock together with a dash of He-man, and a LARGE helping of REVENGE?? there's only one possible answer, and that answer is BATTLECATTLE.

to be epically and VENGEFULLY continued...

*edit - i googled "battlecattle" the other night, and found out that a card game already exists with the same name (though it has a space between "battle" and "cattle") and the vision and content is COMPLETELY different. on this site
they even use the text "moo-ve" written and hyphenated like i did in my background.. i honestly thought i had been copied, and freaked out for a second. haha... obviously they have a WEBSITE, and didn't create all the content they have over night. that would just be ridiculous.
just figured i'd document this, so nobody thinks i'm ripping THEM off. i honestly had never heard of the card game before.

BATTLECATTLE came from an inability i had trying to design this cow, shown in this post
to get the juices flowing and expel my frustration, i just started sketching hardcore cow stuff - and battlecattle was born.
also, Stephanie saw/named the sketch the same day i drew it, and i thought the name was just too awesome to pass up.

also, here's a good 20pg sketch dump from my 60pg sketch book i did while taking Ryan Woodward's most excellent gesture drawing class. things got kind of tricky with a couple weeks left of class, since i was offered (and TOOK) an internship opportunity with Disney Interactive/Avalanche studios as a concept artist (started June 1st). Too many awesome guys over there... LOTS to learn, and having FUN!

so yeah. here's some of my favorites that i'm thinking about painting up or something..

so there you go. more stuff on the way.
also, you guys prefer daily updates? or rather prefer me doing nothing for MONTHS and then sporadically dump pictures into the blog? or some kind of balance in between? it's easy for me to get frustrated with doods i'm stalking online when they don't update stuff, so i thought i'd check in with a you guys and get some feedback. (leaning towards a daily or weekly thing myself..)

up next, that other stuff i said i was gonna post but didn't - plus some stuff i didn't say i wouldn't post, but will.

kay bye.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Set Sail on Concrete Waves

the title is from my most FAVORITE line ever written by Lost Prophets, from a song called "We still kill the old way."

been stuck in my head for years.. and has resurfaced extra strong as of late, since i've picked up skating again due to my car dying on me. lucky me i had my skateboard "The S.S. Mishkin" in the trunk, ready to embark. i suck - but i absolutely LOVE it.

"So here we go again
Another time, but it feels the same
Got sick of waiting here
Set sail on concrete waves
No survivors left to save
Too late for the walking dead "
-Lost Prophets

also this guy put up some fun line-art that i felt like coloring to sorta change things up a little bit:

i've got some other people's stuff i'll be taking a crack at, color-wise - but after finals are FINALLY over by the end of this week. i just hit a nice little gap of time to take an academic break, and drop some pictures.

also, while i was walking to work the other day, i noticed this HUGE family of snowmen, complete with mini-sized snowmen children all huddled together next to some tree.... i decided it was time to send them straight to jack frost's icey cold GRAVE.

roundhoused the mom-snowman's head right off, front kicked the body off - no problems. the dad-snowman however was another story, he being constructed to be atleast 7 feet tall.. side kicks, flying jump kicks, and punches to the body were taking nice chunks out of him.. however, the icey slush guts inside were holding together really tight. finally, i was able to take him down with some elbow strikes. i think i killed most of the children just by tripping, and losing balance whilst a-killing the parents. i left one kid alive, but in the event he developed an unhealthy revenge complex, spending the rest of his life devoted to finding a way to repay the horrid debt i had left him with - i decided to come back and finish the job today.. haha.
explanation needed?? probably not, but it does bring to mind this scene at 2:38

while looking for that scene, i discovered some funny starwars stuff - but by far, the one that takes the cake is the vader sessions. worth a laugh.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Apt. s206

yep. me and my roommates of Apartment s206. we had this "quote wall" taped up on our wall, and for a while nobody was writing anything on it, so i figured i'd make use of the blank space and try out my new pit pen thing.

i was originally going to make us all look like we were 60, and had been through 5 world wars or something, but really only did it to myself.
Brett = the pirate, Mike = unhealthy wolverine obsession, Roger = hobbit/cook, Taylor = (dood with the ax) funny story, he actually got a nasty cut later on in the same place i drew a scar across his nose. cool, eh? and Sean = looks pretty much like Legolas, except for his ultra square jaw. oh, and me - i'm like 50 yr old... way of the samurai-ish.. fighting type person.

even though they're all pretty cool, and we had a good time hangin' out for two semesters, I'M SO GLAD I DON'T LIVE WITH YOU GUYS ANYMORE!!! hahaha... i mean, it's good to finally take a break from school for the summer. seriously. oh yeah, and being able to go to the bathroom/shower whenever i want to is awesome. 6 guys + 1 bathroom = inconvenient.

no stories today... it's too late for stories.
i spent 9 hours today playing this addicting game "World of Goo" and i feel little to no regret.
the end.

oh, by the way - i found this on youtube a while ago, been meaning to share - thought it was genious/very entertaining, it's like one of those 'choose your own adventure' books, but with REAL people!! funny, awesome stuff.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

LEVEL UP! can now use "textures"

hahahaaaaa... that's what it feels like. i can just see the mini 8-bit version of me, dancing to the level up music (which only involves a spin, and then continuous raising up and down of the hand until you push start or 'A' but you're not really sure, so you push both)

so yeah, FINALLY getting the hang of textures, dual brushes, and all that jibba jabba.

SO - was coloring up some more old pictures, for photoshop practice/exp. points/gil/elixirs, etc.

(incredible hulk+the flash)
picture a wrecking ball, moving at the speed of... the flash. but he can jump through buildings and all sorts of crazy stuff like that.

what?? a weird static-powered.. old she-male thing??? no. not really. but yeah, another fun draw.

..or ScareCrogan, or Scareverine, or Scrowgan, or Something like that. heh.
(wolverine+scare crow)
couldn't decide on a name - for the moment these are the ones i'm leaning towards.

these were all done about 3 years ago, when LeS (LeSean Thomas) had artxilla up and thriving.. apparently the 'golden ages' of the artxilla forum (as you can tell by clicking - it is no more... ) happened while i was gone, but i'm watching most the guys i found there on deviantart.. anyways - artxilla had this fun little 'art jam' thing going on, where you create an original character using somebody from DC & Marvel. i did three, because it was fun... and i needed a little bit of motivation at the moment, or a reason to wake up and draw something (i was sleeping in every DAY during the summer back then, until like... 1 sometimes 2pm... )

but yeah. there you go.
last week of working full time.
happy kevin.