Saturday, January 30, 2010

Final Fight: Double Impact

not "Double Impact" as in the movie where Jean-Claude Van Damme plays two twins separated at birth, which had super parody potential by "Twin Dragons"... sadly that didn't happen, and both movies sucked. and sadly, i'd watch either one of them without question if they were on tv... haha..

ANYWAYS. i'm talking about Final Fight - this epic beat 'em up game our legendary babysitter would bring over when i was super little. My favorite guy was Cody, and I'd always get really excited whenever we'd find a lead pipe or a sword to beat people up with. around 17-19 years later in real life, i still get pretty exicted whenever i find a lead pipe or sword laying around to aid me in beating up the local street thugs preventing me from getting to the next screen i'm walking towards in an unchanging 2-dimensial straight line.

Capcom was having a coloring contest i decided to enter at the last second, did everything the day of the deadline as usual, thus rushing overall quality of my entry, and not getting to try everything i wanted to do. if i win, my colors go on the cover of the box, plus some other stuff, and i get to look at all the entries which were WAY better than mine - thus giving me a great learning experience as well. if i lose, i still get that great learning experience by seeing all the entries that were WAY better than mine, but i also get the wonderful bonus package of absolutely NOTHING at all!! totally exicted.

so here's my entry - please excuse the more slutty aspects of a couple of the characters. i didn't draw them. other than that - the rest of this drawing seriously awesome, as it should be.

and for those of you who've toughed it out this far through the post in hopes for more van damme related content - you shall be most dearly rewarded for your persistence.
enjoy! (how the original live action 'Street Fighter' starring van damme... for some reason, SHOULD have been made in the first place.)

Monday, January 18, 2010


just had to share this:
was checkin' some tabs i got on some awesome people and was more than a little happy to listen to this musical FEAST!! check it.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hot Blades through Moon Cheese

so, this was actually drawn on the same page as this picture in my sketch book. this was definitely influenced by one of my favorite games of all time - Jet Grind Radio - but also by the recent obsession i've had with actually skateboarding, and looking for any excuse to do it.

Monday, January 11, 2010


gots lots of art to dump off. feel like being all fancy, and have this go down reverse chronology style.


here's the deal with this guy - his name is Herumatomaru. get it?? try saying it with a japanese accent, and really announce it like it was your favorite saturday morning cartoon... and you lived in japan. *ahem* HERUMAT-OOOOOOOOOOO-MARUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

heh. confused yet? no? shut up.
so i did this all last night, for an awesome drawer-person that was having a random sentai contest, in celebration of a contest that he was in at the time.
Sentai?? what the asian?!?! basically think Power Rangers, and all the MANY abominations that followed.
with my little guy - think, the love child of power rangers, deep sea diving, and really cool action poses and awesomely cheesey fight scenes, and you've got the idea.

also, in a rather spreading-of-Christmas-cheer-like fashion - i ran acrossed some really cool drawings from other people i just had to color over the Christmas break. and here they are:

"Samus Aran"
orignal drawing by Sam Liu

and last but not least,

original inks (i actually drew the tentacles in myself, just for fun)

The end.
sleep mode commencing.