Monday, January 11, 2010


gots lots of art to dump off. feel like being all fancy, and have this go down reverse chronology style.


here's the deal with this guy - his name is Herumatomaru. get it?? try saying it with a japanese accent, and really announce it like it was your favorite saturday morning cartoon... and you lived in japan. *ahem* HERUMAT-OOOOOOOOOOO-MARUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

heh. confused yet? no? shut up.
so i did this all last night, for an awesome drawer-person that was having a random sentai contest, in celebration of a contest that he was in at the time.
Sentai?? what the asian?!?! basically think Power Rangers, and all the MANY abominations that followed.
with my little guy - think, the love child of power rangers, deep sea diving, and really cool action poses and awesomely cheesey fight scenes, and you've got the idea.

also, in a rather spreading-of-Christmas-cheer-like fashion - i ran acrossed some really cool drawings from other people i just had to color over the Christmas break. and here they are:

"Samus Aran"
orignal drawing by Sam Liu

and last but not least,

original inks (i actually drew the tentacles in myself, just for fun)

The end.
sleep mode commencing.

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