Friday, April 17, 2009

Fish-Eye: at dawn

"Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day, at dawn look to the east. "

just finished coloring this doodle i once did at work. couldn't help the Gandalf quote popping into my head when i was half-way done throwing down some light. heh.. for some reason i've been having a thing for pink clouds and beams of light lately... sorry if your fovea processes this as a tad too psychedellic in color.. i just couldn't help it. maybe it's just a Gandalf thing.

"Tribute: The Great Swordsman"

i also found myself coloring this old picture today that i did as a gift for my friend Landon. he cut his hand up pretty hardcore (by hardcore, we're talking like, nerve reattaching, rehabilitation, weird cast thingies and so on) on a katana he found in his basement. so i did two pictures for him since it was pretty close to his birthday, and i'm RIDICULOUSLY cheap when it comes to buying things for people... and basically cheap in general. heh.. anywho, this was part 2, part 1 was more of a fun joke, which can be found here.

OH - i almost forgot! this video was brought to my attention last night, i was literally in tears i was laughing so hard... show your friends! heh... life would be so boring without other people.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Antimo: King of Shadow

"None for all, all for none."
The war for one soul continues.
Antimo: King of Shadow

i was toying with putting those words on the front of this, to make a fake cover to a comic book - perhaps another day. just finished coloring this picture i doodled during a slow day at work.

speaking of souls, i had a thought the other night. i had this impulsive idea to try and drink some water without letting a drop hit my tongue - just straight down, and into the throat. it's really easy with a water bottle. SO UNSATISFYING.

the more i tried it, the more it felt like i was just filling up a car with gas - very mechanical, just get in and get out. no sensation of taste and yet so close to it. interesting to think how special our bodies are - with out them, you can't really talk to any"body." just so distant from everything. like being in prison, or something. it's gotta be tough being a spirit after this life, not having your body. it's gotta be sorta like drinking water without tasting it, i think. i once had a dream that i was a spirit - just to get from one side of a room to another felt like sprinting for 5 mintues, and not even making it halfway. kinda interesting. . . just think about it.