Friday, January 9, 2009

StreetFighter and Lots of Sketchbook


so, i colored this and here's the final lookin' thing. just playin' around with colors and stuff...

random doodles in class:

french graffiti guy..

old samurai guy...

a.. happy asian??

an astronaut. obviously.

scarf guy...

some stuff from my LORD OF THE RINGS marathon/sketchbook:
i pretty much have all three movies in my sketchbook, it's pretty cool actually. heheh. here's just a few sketches i threw some white highlights on..

and i HATED this steward guy. who didn't.

megaman badguy desgin: "splashman"
apparently capcom did a 'splashWOMAN' and tried to oneup me. she's weak against the hornet dude, if you ever want to kill her fast.

"Michael Chambers" aka "Boogaloo Shrimp" aka "Turbo" from 'Breakin'
wanna see his moves?? click here for the 'broom dance scene. click here for more awesome.

random desgins to make figure drawing homework more exciting.
top - city janitor team, complete with mr. clean belt buckles. bottom - construction doods

i call him.... FAT FACE.

based off my thought that we should have statues, that don't even have to be about real people, but have cool plaques with descriptions about how they helped save the world from evil, etc. the best way to make a statue more cool is to give it a big weapon. i should make statues for a living to improve the culture of the community.

my right hand.

more right hands, finally tried a more cel-shady look i'll be doing more of.