Friday, May 20, 2011

more stuff

lots a pitchaz.... finally getting some of this up here, just barely getting other stuff up here. will get around to getting more stuff up later. deal? deal.

ALSO - in case you haven't noticed, i sort of recently made one of those fancy portfolio site thingies... got a link to the right, or you can click these conveniently hyper-linked words i'm typing in this sentence. gonna make some little changes, like having some cool kinda welcome image, and stuff.. but still open to any feedback if you feel the need to give any. thanks!!

now picture time.
first up, characters from character design class (taught by this really cool guy). FUN!! the character line-up was for my final.
i designed characters based off their descriptions in Sky Island... except the crab dude, he's totally made up.

"Tiny Trot"

"Cap'n Bill Wheedles"

"Button Bright"

and lastly, "The Crab-Mobile"

also decided i'd finally post more stuff i did for work

these were my favorites from a scottish family history course i did. already posted the course cover in this post.

stuff's changed, and now we no longer put the lesson titles and all that good stuff in our images (except course covers, hurray!!)... which is cool... but i kinda still miss it. anyways, here's some of my favorites of this leadership psychology course. ended up liking quite a few... heh.

and i should do a little back story with the follwoing two images: originally, i thought it would be cool if a bunch of people at an office were pretending to be in Lord of the Rings-esque situations using office supplies and stuff to display leadership. an example below is what i had in mind.

i had all sorts of stuff planned out, with like, camping out in the cafeteria... battling the copy machine, and stuff.. and mind you, all this epic LOTR stuff would be happening in their imagination. the idea was enjoyed by all.... and then the instructor who teaches the course shot it down. so i had to tone everything down, but it was still lots of fun coming up with other solutions..

stay tuned for the BOWLING COURSE i just did. only satisfied with like, 2 or 3 images, so that's all you'll get outta me.

also making an appearance in my next post will be................ BATTLECATTLE. seriously, BATTLECATTLE! i scanned him, he's on my computer, and soon. SOON, you shall see him in all his battle cattle GLORY!!! i'm so excited, i don't even care if you're not. the end.

kay bye.