Friday, June 26, 2009


not much is new.. still hunting for jobs and motivation. HOWEVER, i got me one of them fancy brown recycle paper sketchbooks finally, and on the front it says "earthbound." SO. i was inspired to do something in memory of one of the greatest RPGs ever fabricated by man. EARTHBOUND! great soundtrack too - go grab some free epic remixes over here.

also, before the Earthbound tribute - i had colored some sketch that's been sitting in one of my other sketchbooks for a while... basically, the idea was based on my belief that our statues are absolutely sissy-looking, and we should make cooler ones - even if that means giving a fake background with memorial plaques, thus enhancing the flavor of our ancient past using historical fallacies... heh.

been meaning to share some youtube treats i found as well:
Earthbound Saga - if you're a HUGE Earthbound fan, and you have some time to kill, check it out. 4 episodes, each around 10 minutes +. it's a lot like...
College Saga, except not as well made as college saga. either way, go watch college saga for some more live action RPG nerd fun!
Coach Hines has become one of my new favorite people! check him out, or i'll grind your body into a fine salt with my bare fists, which i will then use to season both kidneys i will have recently skewered out from your body on the end of a FLAG POLE!
Classic 80's songs in RAGTIME - he's good.
Matt Rach - insanely good guitarist. insanely. he can mimic Jimi Hendrix perfectly. perfectly! plus he does a lot of other stuff. turns out he's from Valenciennes too, which is cool - because that's the best part of France - the NORTH.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

He-MAN: masters of paradise

figured i'd color this He-man picture i did in my sketchbook a little over a year ago. very fun learning experience as well. and in case you haven't heard about He-Man, you're probably a jerk.

He-Man is pretty much THE man.