Monday, December 1, 2008


so, to be short, thanksgiving was filled with many a pie, turkey, and juice. all of which fit happily into my stomach compartment without any complaints.

Ryan and Mandy came by, and whilst they were on route, I couldn't help staring at this picture and decided to surprise him with a fun little photo manip. thing.

this is right after the part where The Joker asks Shakeman in "The Dark Shake" if he wants to know how The Joker got his scars, and Shakeman says "...yes. tell me everything." The Joker just gets this really crazy look in his eye. remember? heh.

on another bat-like note, i'm still trying to find old stuff to color to keep meself busy and the photoshop exp. flowing as i slowly build up to kill some boss i'll probably run into in some dank, dark cave where lays hidden somewhere the legendary masamune blade. so yeah, colored this.

i woulda kept pushing the contrast, or maybe messin' with the colors, but i don't like spending too much time on pictures when there's turkey a-foot.

anywho, rocked out with the family to all three extended versions of the lord of the rings. got some sketches a-coming. it's funny i think, how we can become so attached to something that isn't real. like movie characters, or stories, and experiences in the movie that never really happened... i dunno. it just makes me really appreciate life that much more when you see how sad or void a person or story gets without real closure or explanation, and the ultimate form of all closure and explanations are in the plan, which is rarely hinted to or included in a movie, and you either forget about it in the story and feel hopelessness for a character or a sense of longing for some more ultimate form of living that includes whatever awesome thing you were just a part of through your visual experience. we're just so conditioned to see an ending - to a movie, a story, or even a real person. makes life seem a little sour sometimes in contrast, but eternity has gotta be pretty sweet, once you pass on to that side of life.