Thursday, May 29, 2008


as opposed to 'mario kart' - this is just something i finally finished coloring up. i think i blogged the lines up here not too long ago. . .

thanks for the little tip KORY! seriously helped the coloring process of this thing by A LOT. any other little photoshop secrets you've got in your little secret bag of... secrecy would be welcome. heh.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

frank work doodle

just finished up another doodle i'd started at work - this is frank, my co-worker/friend/person, doing a reverse-double dragon-esque spin kick

again, really the only satisfaction i get from working is the idle time to do stuff like this... and the part where they give me money is always good. always.

so, funny thing - i actually had a dream that i was addicted to cigarettes last night. in reality i've never smoked anything in my life. but in this dream, the muscle movement to bring the cigarette to my mouth and actually smoke it was so habitual that it was border line involuntary, and i just sorta watched it happen. weird. i felt like the dumbest idiot, but it wouldn't stop. woke up, had a good laugh.... but it's funny in a weird... sorta way, too. i'm sure there's a hidden meaning in there somewhere... but yeah. just say "no" to smoking.

Friday, May 16, 2008

fishe-eye work doodle

hey! just finished up a doodle from work again.

just playing around with a sorta 'fish-eye' look, and throwing random stuff on, just for fun...
pretty much the only satisfaction i get from work... besides all the dirty MONEY they throw at me. which is cool.

anyways, at this rate, my notepad at work is turning into a work sketch book. which is cool.

i might update this post with some meaningful text... we shall see.

by the way - HERO OF THE DAY = KORY EFFING HUBBELL!!!!!! totally saved my photoshop coloring life. amazing. i'm so excited to color now.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

He-MAN: masters of paradise

Hey!!! Seems like it's been a while since i've had a good blog... what's new? life is becoming progressively better in ways i'm not able to perceive...

so like, this one time? i drew he-man. i let this cook for a little bit in my blue sketchbook - i just wanted to draw him somewhere in hawaii, with some local like-skirted people, as they hunt some fish beast or something for the upcoming luau festival or something... or the fish beast keeps crashing the luau party, and they're finally putting an end to it. either way, it's He-MAN. did you know there was an episode where He-Man meets his grandfather?? crazy stuff, i know.

more He-Man fanart/other nostalgic pieces to my past in drawing form to come.

i think i've finally found a way to manage my mind/time to do things i like doing more often. sorta like he-man. i mean, it's when he decides to do something by the power of greyskull - he does. so, i guess the time between when you decide to do something by the power of greyskull, to the time you actually DO it, is a good measure of how committed you are.

plus there's always a moral at the end of each episode. that's gotta count for something.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Line Killer = ME!!

HEY!! did you know if you're really dependent on the magic wand tool in photoshop, and you go really fast... you can totally KILL any good lines you had going for a picture.

i need to quit doing that. i think i've noticed a pattern for any fun little contests i've jumped on, just to tickle my fancy, have an excuse to force myself to draw.

contest pattern = find contest. like contest. think about contest. wait until 24-48hrs before contest. do something for contest. and submit accomplished/rushed thing just a couple hours after deadline for contest.

anyways, i think i'm psyched enough that i don't need to bank on that horrible formula to get me going for the moment. it's horrible, but it works when you're almost dead.

here's the latest result from that little motivation shock therapy :

it's good to be back - being back meaning i wake up before 8am, and actually DO something before works sucks about eight hours out of my spirit. it's an amazing concept - DO something, before you can't!?!? managing time and will in such a way to accomplish goal?? happy.

oh by the way - if you wanted to count some hidden bottles from that last thing i blogged, go for it -
not quite the final version, as i darkened reflections and minor things here and there. didn't bother saving final version, per me not feeling like it. which i'm totally still cool with.