Friday, May 29, 2009

Don't Worry, Be Happy!!

did this in my sketchbook during psychology last semester - fun, fun stuff. went back over it with a faber-castell pen; thing for inks. really wanted to put some colors on it, so there you go.

happiness is a state of being - not a destination. happiness is a choice which allows you to be in harmony with the forces of good in this life. so don't worry, be happy!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Naruto: Re-Enter the Tablet

almost a year ago, i used a tablet for the very first time to color THIS picture. just wanted to try some new ideas/techniques out on some clean lines instead old sketches and doodles, so here we are A YEAR LATER!!!almost. heh... anyways, i'm really happy with the progress i've made. crazy stuff.

also a year later, and i'm still a shameless naruto fan. heh..

in other news, NEVER go running in shorts that are too big for you, it's not worth the effort. the only way to make it is by alternating which hand holds up your shorts, to even out the fatigue in your arms. the things we learn life can be so important sometimes.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


so, i finally finished putting some color on another doodle i did at work a year ago... man, i was productive when i was working - these days i have to 'try' to draw rather than use it as an escape mechanism. anywho, here it be:

funny timing with this one, too - while trying to get a 'hot/humid' tone to the picture, i experienced 'heat stroke' for the first time yesterday. i went running with some overcast and a breeze, about 3 and a half or 4 miles out, it all disappeared and the sun decided to start cooking me alive, and i knew it was time to head back. i hadn't had anything to eat/drink either since it was the first thing i did that day. wooooooow.... i was out for the rest of the day with a sick stomach and a nasty headache/small fever. funny thing is it RAINED about 30 min. after i got back.. isn't Utah weather GREAT!!!! seriously though, i like it.

oh, i started putting some of my sketchbook stuff on my computer from this year - here's a page from when i watched "minority report" again for the second time ever. first time was when it came out in.... 2002!? been a while:
"Minority Report"
finally, i'm starting to use my sketchbooks the right way again. anytime i draw, ANYtime - i always go for a finished product... but i'm getting away from that in a good way finally. you shall see.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Apt. s206

yep. me and my roommates of Apartment s206. we had this "quote wall" taped up on our wall, and for a while nobody was writing anything on it, so i figured i'd make use of the blank space and try out my new pit pen thing.

i was originally going to make us all look like we were 60, and had been through 5 world wars or something, but really only did it to myself.
Brett = the pirate, Mike = unhealthy wolverine obsession, Roger = hobbit/cook, Taylor = (dood with the ax) funny story, he actually got a nasty cut later on in the same place i drew a scar across his nose. cool, eh? and Sean = looks pretty much like Legolas, except for his ultra square jaw. oh, and me - i'm like 50 yr old... way of the samurai-ish.. fighting type person.

even though they're all pretty cool, and we had a good time hangin' out for two semesters, I'M SO GLAD I DON'T LIVE WITH YOU GUYS ANYMORE!!! hahaha... i mean, it's good to finally take a break from school for the summer. seriously. oh yeah, and being able to go to the bathroom/shower whenever i want to is awesome. 6 guys + 1 bathroom = inconvenient.

no stories today... it's too late for stories.
i spent 9 hours today playing this addicting game "World of Goo" and i feel little to no regret.
the end.

oh, by the way - i found this on youtube a while ago, been meaning to share - thought it was genious/very entertaining, it's like one of those 'choose your own adventure' books, but with REAL people!! funny, awesome stuff.

Monday, May 4, 2009

RETURN of the Hoodie Ninja!

"The Hoodie Ninja"

the hoodie ninja returns! i've been wanting to color this for years... literally. basically, around december '04 one day, i was just staring at myself in the mirror wearing a hoodie... and impulsively pulled the drawstrings and tied them behind my head... haha.. after that, i HAD to draw it - and thus the hoodie ninja was born. should probably draw more of this guy..

"My Little Big Planet"

no... not the cool ps3 game, but i just barely finished coloring this doodle i did at work about a year ago. the concept was "what would be the most time consuming thing to keep me entertained and sane while working?" i thought drawing an entire civilization would do the trick, complete with planet. i realized about half way in that it was a little ambitious, and opted out for a more... village-esque thing. fun stuff though. happy to finally get some colors on this one.

"Unholy Alliance"

a few weeks ago, i colored this picture i drew for a friend and almost forgot to post it. here it be. those are some mission buddies. that's "Frostbeard the Pirate" on the left, and "Chung the Taiwanese Ninja" on the right.

and hey! I finished getting my last two gouache paintings on the computer from my illustration class.

"Fear of Everyone"
assignment: we could choose between 3 articles to paint/illustrate - the one i chose was about social phobia/fear of everyone. fun stuff. originally the character in the bed had huge bug eyes, which the professor supported, but when we had a critique he said "he doesn't look as charming as the others..." and wanted it changed. ummmmmmm.... you know he's supposed to be SCARED.. right? whatever. i'm sure people have had work sent back to them in the real world for reasons more ridiculous than this. no worries.

"The Rainmaker"
assignment: illustrate/paint either "narcissus and echo" or 1956 movie "the rainmaker" as a book cover, using two models (this here is my roommate Roger and his girlfriend, Laila). i liked the story of a con man getting 100 bucks claiming he could make rain, so i ran with that - i'm mostly happy with how everything turned out... except the girl in the back. apparently it sucks painting really, really small. fixing mistakes is a nightmare. good learning experience.

in other news, i made a dog cry last week.
i was out running when some mid-sized dog suddenly appears from out of wherever, and is about to give chase - usually i'm all about the chase, but not today. i instantly decided i was going to punch it right in the forehead. i turn around and yell "get away!" but i had murderous intent in my voice and my tight fist was ready to kill.

whatever it was the dog sensed, he sensed it - and hid behind some fence and started howling and most likely was soiling whoever's lawn he was on. i was going to type "crapping himself sorry" or something, but technically i think one must be wearing pants in order to crap one's self.