Saturday, May 23, 2009


so, i finally finished putting some color on another doodle i did at work a year ago... man, i was productive when i was working - these days i have to 'try' to draw rather than use it as an escape mechanism. anywho, here it be:

funny timing with this one, too - while trying to get a 'hot/humid' tone to the picture, i experienced 'heat stroke' for the first time yesterday. i went running with some overcast and a breeze, about 3 and a half or 4 miles out, it all disappeared and the sun decided to start cooking me alive, and i knew it was time to head back. i hadn't had anything to eat/drink either since it was the first thing i did that day. wooooooow.... i was out for the rest of the day with a sick stomach and a nasty headache/small fever. funny thing is it RAINED about 30 min. after i got back.. isn't Utah weather GREAT!!!! seriously though, i like it.

oh, i started putting some of my sketchbook stuff on my computer from this year - here's a page from when i watched "minority report" again for the second time ever. first time was when it came out in.... 2002!? been a while:
"Minority Report"
finally, i'm starting to use my sketchbooks the right way again. anytime i draw, ANYtime - i always go for a finished product... but i'm getting away from that in a good way finally. you shall see.

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  1. Wow... I absolutely love the one with the kicking.