Friday, May 8, 2009

Apt. s206

yep. me and my roommates of Apartment s206. we had this "quote wall" taped up on our wall, and for a while nobody was writing anything on it, so i figured i'd make use of the blank space and try out my new pit pen thing.

i was originally going to make us all look like we were 60, and had been through 5 world wars or something, but really only did it to myself.
Brett = the pirate, Mike = unhealthy wolverine obsession, Roger = hobbit/cook, Taylor = (dood with the ax) funny story, he actually got a nasty cut later on in the same place i drew a scar across his nose. cool, eh? and Sean = looks pretty much like Legolas, except for his ultra square jaw. oh, and me - i'm like 50 yr old... way of the samurai-ish.. fighting type person.

even though they're all pretty cool, and we had a good time hangin' out for two semesters, I'M SO GLAD I DON'T LIVE WITH YOU GUYS ANYMORE!!! hahaha... i mean, it's good to finally take a break from school for the summer. seriously. oh yeah, and being able to go to the bathroom/shower whenever i want to is awesome. 6 guys + 1 bathroom = inconvenient.

no stories today... it's too late for stories.
i spent 9 hours today playing this addicting game "World of Goo" and i feel little to no regret.
the end.

oh, by the way - i found this on youtube a while ago, been meaning to share - thought it was genious/very entertaining, it's like one of those 'choose your own adventure' books, but with REAL people!! funny, awesome stuff.


  1. I told you World of Goo was good! Mwahaha...

    But answer me this - how come I can no longer get on as Shorty McNasty on the MyBrute thingy?

  2. heh. yup.

    as for this mcnasty thing, it let me in no problem. the servers get kinda wacky since it's growing so fast though... don't know what to tell you.