Sunday, December 18, 2011

more things i did

so...  the titles i'm coming up with for these blog posts keep getting more and more creative...  i'm okay with that.. heh. 

anyway.  finals are done, and it's time to take a break kind of.  been painting a lot, and i think it's finally starting to show.  random sketches and maybe a sneak peak of some mariachi-dachi character designs on the way.  soon as 2012 hits, gotta start cranking on that project...  estimated (what's left of) existing social interaction should drop by a large percentage.  finished comic book = i graduate from school.  who woulda thought... 

here's some stuff i did this semester..  starting with my two favorite plein air gouache paintings for some class..




really had fun with this last one..  when back to my dragonball roots a little - felt really good.  wouldn't take much to turn that giant into krillin.  

Friday, December 2, 2011

Troll Mantis

so.  here's a 30 - 45 minute exercise from work.
norwegian troll + some kind of animal, but still in that norwegian-esque style.  i picked praying mantis.. kinda fun! first couple attempts were awful though..  heh.

so...  two posts almost back to back!??  I'M ON FIRE!!! 

ps - speaking of things half something/half MANTIS...  you should check out MAN MANTIS.  unless you don't like cool music.  then don't.  no pressure.  i love saying this guy's name, by the way...  i mean come on.  MAN MANTIS!! heh.

while on the subject of music...  apparently there's this POLISH version of nujabes, CHANGING. PEOPLE'S. LIVES.  one song at a time.  KONDOR...  love this guy's stuff.
kay, i'm done.
...for now.