Sunday, July 11, 2010

You're a Wizard... Harry??

first off, here's some bonus art for the Forever Famicom bonus content. Forever Famicom DLC is basically 22 tracks - 3 songs that didn't make it onto the original album, and loads of solid instrumentals. so good...
since the original cover art takes place at night, i figured i'd flip it to the day time and eventually even unplugged everything.. or at least that's the concept behind it.

now, for some reason i don't think i've ever put stuff up here from my "real" job (making pretty pictures to go with course content made by BYU Independent Study) but i finally had a good excuse to draw a sword finally, and had to share!! heh..

and here's a super huge version, if you wanna get in and look at stuff a little closer for some reason..

now.. for a little context to set you up for the next thing - i got this task at work for a student development course, which said exactly the following: "I want to try for something that encompasses an Ivy League type prep school in the digital age (near future/online technology fused with traditional East-coast prep school images with a touch of Harry Potter gothic thrown in. I know that's a lot - but I'd like to try for something with that look and feel."

ummmmmmmm.... what?
so anyways, here's the course cover - or as we say in the biz, the "splash."
aaaaand some "banners" you'd see going from lesson to lesson..alright. now that you're all caught up, here's where this next picture comes in - one day i came to work with my glasses on, started working on the "harry potter" course... and this girl, i mean.. she who should not be named decided to draw a lightning bolt scar-thing on my forehead.. pictures were taken.. i even pretended to cast a spell at someone with my stylist... ANYWAYS. for some presentation our little art production department did for the rest of the BYU independent study production people, one of the pictures we used as a slide was from that, plus a little photoshop magic on my part...

and while i'm posting stuff about work, just for fun here's some stuff i did for an Aerobics course that i'm sorta proud of.. especially the one with the Nintendo Wii... heh heh..

and that's about it...
i mentioned last post about being in a weird mood, and having 3 songs on repeat literally for about 5 days straight wherever i was able to plug headphones into something..

per request here are the 3 songs:
(couldn't find a good place to get a direct hyperlink.... so if you REALLY want to hear them, you can click here, find them, and download them..)
kind of green - act III, track 14
smooth sun of magma - bonus tracks, track 3
i love this radio - bonus tracks, track 2

i ESPECIALLY had to keep listening to "i love this radio."

all the tracks are from this EPIC ff4 remix album the good people over at OCR did.
no personal work to post yet... haven't had the time to play that much lately..
life goes on, and so will i..
OH!! that reminds me. i've had a song stuck in my head for more than a few days.. really sad yet makes you appreciate life in a positive light kind of thing. love it.