Sunday, December 18, 2011

more things i did

so...  the titles i'm coming up with for these blog posts keep getting more and more creative...  i'm okay with that.. heh. 

anyway.  finals are done, and it's time to take a break kind of.  been painting a lot, and i think it's finally starting to show.  random sketches and maybe a sneak peak of some mariachi-dachi character designs on the way.  soon as 2012 hits, gotta start cranking on that project...  estimated (what's left of) existing social interaction should drop by a large percentage.  finished comic book = i graduate from school.  who woulda thought... 

here's some stuff i did this semester..  starting with my two favorite plein air gouache paintings for some class..




really had fun with this last one..  when back to my dragonball roots a little - felt really good.  wouldn't take much to turn that giant into krillin.  

Friday, December 2, 2011

Troll Mantis

so.  here's a 30 - 45 minute exercise from work.
norwegian troll + some kind of animal, but still in that norwegian-esque style.  i picked praying mantis.. kinda fun! first couple attempts were awful though..  heh.

so...  two posts almost back to back!??  I'M ON FIRE!!! 

ps - speaking of things half something/half MANTIS...  you should check out MAN MANTIS.  unless you don't like cool music.  then don't.  no pressure.  i love saying this guy's name, by the way...  i mean come on.  MAN MANTIS!! heh.

while on the subject of music...  apparently there's this POLISH version of nujabes, CHANGING. PEOPLE'S. LIVES.  one song at a time.  KONDOR...  love this guy's stuff.
kay, i'm done.
...for now.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

gallery stuff and squiggles

 so, i'm taking this plein air class right?  we're painting the provo tabernacle next to Window Box Gallery, right?  One thing led to another, and now we're all in part of this show there, and the opening social will be  during the Friday Night Gallery Stroll, December 2, 2011 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  you can come if you want.  you can also by my picture if you want...  cause it'll be for sale.  cool huh?

also, for the same class, now that it's getting kinda too cold to be painting outside, we're doing stuff based on some of the studies we did.  you''ll notice that part of downtown provo is making a cameo in this one.  also, i'm ripping off the white mage a little (kind of a lot actually..) cause i think it would make for a sweet hoodie design.. heh.

 also, here are some results from playing "squiggles."  squiggles is where you get somebody to make some crazy line on your paper, without the line crossing over itself (because then it becomes a "scribble"..  and i wasn't playing "scribbles") and then you turn it into something.  i like to add the extra challenge of asking them if they want me to do a human, animal, environment or vehicle...  just so i don't go for the easiest solution.  pretty fun stuff.

 and here's me playing squiggles with myself, where i'll just lightly kinda do some random squiggles/lines without any purpose, until i can see something cool... and then i go for it.

 so yeah..  inktober didn't really happen for me..  but i'm okay with that.  been trying to juggle homework, work, freelance work, and graduating all at the same time... next year man.  next year.

remember Mariachi-Dachi???  well i certainly do.  i've now got a solid script in the works (my brother Kyle's been helping me out a lot with it too!!) - almost done actually.  got the mariachi band all figured out, the main bad guy, and some side characters.  i may put up some of the designs later, but once i start knocking out panels beginning of january, i'll let you in on some sneak peeks before it all gets finished/printed, and i graduate, and disappear from the internet forever, or something like that.  or something completely opposite like that.  whatevs.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


computer died (again...) two and a half weeks and almost $300 later, we're back in business!!

speaking of business, i've been happily doodling at work/school/wherever else i can when i'm stuck in a room with someone else talking, with my weapon of choice (the bic pen.)

speaking of bic pens, did you know that most english speaking countries (including australia) call bics biros??  it's true.  turns out some french dude (bich) bought the patent from some hungarian dude (biro - who i believe was moved from his native country to escape religious persecution with his brother) when he saw the pen in argentina, and later started selling them in america.

speaking of... america?  it's already 12 days since INKTOBER started....  all over the world actually.
gotta play catch up, and bust out some INK and some TOBER.  you'll see...  TOMORROW.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Forever Famicom DLC 2

SO.  Forever Famicom DLC 2 is available to stream/download as of TODAY!!  love it. 
figured it was cool to post the stuff i had the opportunity to work on for the project. 

digital cover

dvd cover 
(the idea was to make it look like a some megaman video game box.  particular used this one as inspiration.)

dvd insert
 (in physical dvd, it has the liner notes - thankyou's and credits)

(low-res version.  if you want it bigger, gonna have to buy one)

some of the original sketches

and while i'm showing you sketches that will probably never be used/see the light of day again, for a second i was going to be doing the covers for the Japan releases of Forever Famicom too, but the label decided to go with a different artist in the end.  that's just how the game is played - no hurt feelings.  so here's some sketches for that.

they wanted more... cutesy 8-bit stuff, which i definitely tried.  but i also thought i'd throw a classic RPG fight kinda thing at them to see if they'd bite. heh..

anyway - always a pleasure to work with K-Murdock and Random.  I think we're all like minded enough, at least when it comes to video games, that they trust me to just kinda do my thing - so thanks guys!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


so.  blog posts.  happening more often.  see??  i have a plan to start doing this at least weekly, but i'm slowly working my way into it.  you'll see.  anyways, here's me finally getting around to posting probably the last thing i'll ever do for BYU IS.  i haven't been working there for the past 3 months (kinda miss it,) and instead interning over at Avalanche in SLC (learning A LOT, having fun.)  more on that later, perhaps.  picture time!

totally ripped off "The Karate Kid" for the course cover

intro to physics

lesson 1: newton's 3rd law

lesson 2: kinematic motion

lesson 3: linear motion

lesson 4: circular motion

lesson 5: power and energy

lesson 6: momentum

lesson 7: thermodynamics (originally i had a guy shooting a hadouken..  which didn't make the cut for some reason... heh)

also, here's what i'm comfortable with showing you of the hideously fast and awful job i did on a bowling course just before the physics one.  couldn't help blatently throwing in some big lebowski characters..  just seemed like the right thing to do.  thanks John Goodman and Jeff Bridges, i couldn't have done it without you.

Friday, August 19, 2011


did this for the the avalanche blog.. the theme is "cyborg." so i did a "sai-borg." get it?? GET IT!? yeah, i thought you did.

also did this for the avalanche blog.. the theme was "the legend of zelda." been meaning to do a windwaker self-portrait for a couple of years now.. felt good to finally have an excuse to check that off the list.

next up, some 45 min. exercises... got others sitting on my computer that i got a little carried away with. those might show up later. they might not. i'm not too good at keeping blog promises that aren't related to BATTLECATTLE.

did this as a warm-up.. somehow a conversation i was having was about lightning unicorns. wish i could remember why.. heh.

i was given the words "crossbow" and "vespa." this is what i came up with.

had to do a gesture (as finished as i wanted) showing as much force as possible. based off the photo below from that pixel lovely site.

ALSO - i recently watched a short (15 min) film about eagles turning people into horses. simply one of the best horror-action-romantic-comedy-eagle-horse films to date. seriously. it's pretty good.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mariachi-Dachi, and BATTLECATTLE

figured i'd post something and breathe some fresh life into the blog.

all content, ideas, and secret projects slightly revealed are © ME. (previous sentence typed mostly so i can sleep tonight. easy to get paranoid over stuff like that for me.. heh..)

so. i took this ridiculously sweet comic book appreciation class taught by Jared Greenleaf. i swear he was like Morpheus, chucking red pills all over the place.. GOOD stuff. can't get enough of it now..

here's a style test for a potential 10pg short story comic (for my BFA project) of a Mariachi Band stuck in Ancient Japan.
i already have 6 pages roughed out, and almost ready to ink/color... just need to do some more research and development stuff..

for the moment, i'm calling it "Mariachi-Dachi."

next up is what i promised to show last post.. the more i think/talk about this, the more excited i get (even toying with the idea of doing this first instead of Mariachi-Dachi.)

SO. what do you get when you throw extraterrestrial encounters, forged WEAPONS, and irritable livestock together with a dash of He-man, and a LARGE helping of REVENGE?? there's only one possible answer, and that answer is BATTLECATTLE.

to be epically and VENGEFULLY continued...

*edit - i googled "battlecattle" the other night, and found out that a card game already exists with the same name (though it has a space between "battle" and "cattle") and the vision and content is COMPLETELY different. on this site
they even use the text "moo-ve" written and hyphenated like i did in my background.. i honestly thought i had been copied, and freaked out for a second. haha... obviously they have a WEBSITE, and didn't create all the content they have over night. that would just be ridiculous.
just figured i'd document this, so nobody thinks i'm ripping THEM off. i honestly had never heard of the card game before.

BATTLECATTLE came from an inability i had trying to design this cow, shown in this post
to get the juices flowing and expel my frustration, i just started sketching hardcore cow stuff - and battlecattle was born.
also, Stephanie saw/named the sketch the same day i drew it, and i thought the name was just too awesome to pass up.

also, here's a good 20pg sketch dump from my 60pg sketch book i did while taking Ryan Woodward's most excellent gesture drawing class. things got kind of tricky with a couple weeks left of class, since i was offered (and TOOK) an internship opportunity with Disney Interactive/Avalanche studios as a concept artist (started June 1st). Too many awesome guys over there... LOTS to learn, and having FUN!

so yeah. here's some of my favorites that i'm thinking about painting up or something..

so there you go. more stuff on the way.
also, you guys prefer daily updates? or rather prefer me doing nothing for MONTHS and then sporadically dump pictures into the blog? or some kind of balance in between? it's easy for me to get frustrated with doods i'm stalking online when they don't update stuff, so i thought i'd check in with a you guys and get some feedback. (leaning towards a daily or weekly thing myself..)

up next, that other stuff i said i was gonna post but didn't - plus some stuff i didn't say i wouldn't post, but will.

kay bye.