Friday, August 19, 2011


did this for the the avalanche blog.. the theme is "cyborg." so i did a "sai-borg." get it?? GET IT!? yeah, i thought you did.

also did this for the avalanche blog.. the theme was "the legend of zelda." been meaning to do a windwaker self-portrait for a couple of years now.. felt good to finally have an excuse to check that off the list.

next up, some 45 min. exercises... got others sitting on my computer that i got a little carried away with. those might show up later. they might not. i'm not too good at keeping blog promises that aren't related to BATTLECATTLE.

did this as a warm-up.. somehow a conversation i was having was about lightning unicorns. wish i could remember why.. heh.

i was given the words "crossbow" and "vespa." this is what i came up with.

had to do a gesture (as finished as i wanted) showing as much force as possible. based off the photo below from that pixel lovely site.

ALSO - i recently watched a short (15 min) film about eagles turning people into horses. simply one of the best horror-action-romantic-comedy-eagle-horse films to date. seriously. it's pretty good.

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