Wednesday, February 15, 2012


mostly doodles at work whenever i can sneak them in..  experimenting with how much occlusion shadow i can get away with in line drawings with out over-powering them.  may do something more with some of these in the future.  

fish (karate-robo-unicorn) soldier.  
*note - breathing apparatus semi functional.  fish pump water over their gills through the mouth/jaw flap thing...  i think i can by-pass the jaw area, but maybe need a second compartment for filtering back water to be re-oxygenated or something.  

would be cool to do a line-up of more guys like this..  been thinking about doing a whale one - would be pretty fun to come up with a suit for that dood to be land-ready (apparently the reason they die on land is because 1. no longer weightless from being in water, so weight crushes their organs, and 2. blubber insulation for water causes them to over-heat when on land.)

80s breakers
the idea of character line-ups on a more massive scale is really interesting to me... example: break dance crews!! may have to do some more, and from like, other countries/time eras/planets and stuff.

love messing with hoodie designs...  heh.

guitar gurl..

kinda cracks me up how small this guy's guitar is... heh heh..  it's like..  v-neck electric ukelele fun-sized.




samuroni.  get it???  not like macaroni, but like... ONI. roughly meaning "demon."  may have to take a stab at doing some of the more traditional oni type doods out there, with like..  the teeth and stuff.  yeah.
which makes me wonder. . .   what if i did a macaroni samurai?  orrrr oni macaroni samurai?  or......macaroni oni? may have to consult the sketchbook.  we'll see.

gunna drop a bunch of sketches in the near future..  and maybe some sneak peaks at the comic i'm working on.  maybe.