Friday, September 21, 2012


(want a little convincing first?  read this awesome review!!)

where to get Mariachi-Dachi:
DIRECTLY FROM ME, (comes signed, with a sketch inside)
digital version on COMIXOLOGY

here's a little preview/sneak peek:


ALSO, the first 13 pages will also be featured in the "Reality not Included" Kickstarter - might wanna check that out if you haven't already.  LOTS of comic action going down.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hot Blades through Moon Cheese II

this was for a warm-up/exercise thing i started while i was at Avalanche… a year and a half ago??? finally got around to dropping some colors on it..

the exercise was to take an old character design, and re-do it in “Baz” Barry Reynold's style. can’t find a good link to the stuff i was basing it off of back then.

some jet grind radio influence in there somewhere..  :]

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sprite Interpretation: The Guardian Legend

inspired by the “sprite interpretations” from this Niklas Jansson guy.  also channeling my inner Matthew Armstrong (who first showed me this sprite interpretation stuff.  very fun!!  gotta do me some bad guys next..  and that blue blob dood that sold you cool stuff!  heh.)

played LOTS of Guardian Legend back in the day...   lots of good memories.  :]

Saturday, September 8, 2012


"hey it's that vespa woman..."
another vespa pic.  cuz vespas are cool.
i started this one up about a year ago - never got around to finishing for lots of reasons until just now.

originally the plan was for her to be a witch??  with like, candy and stuff coming out the back (hey, it was getting close to halloween)???  typing it out makes the idea sound incredibly lame to me now...  but i swear the image in my head looked cool. haha.

got 'the making of' on me tumblr.
not trying to be all "look how cool i am" or anything.  honestly, i just like seeing other people's process, so i figure i'd better start sharing some of my own.  cool?  cool.