Monday, September 10, 2012

Sprite Interpretation: The Guardian Legend

inspired by the “sprite interpretations” from this Niklas Jansson guy.  also channeling my inner Matthew Armstrong (who first showed me this sprite interpretation stuff.  very fun!!  gotta do me some bad guys next..  and that blue blob dood that sold you cool stuff!  heh.)

played LOTS of Guardian Legend back in the day...   lots of good memories.  :]


  1. This is really sweet! It's interesting that you chose to make her costume a spacesuit instead of a bikini with dragon horns. lol :D

    1. thanks man! i figured that maybe a bikini might not be the best thing for keeping the fluids in her body in liquid state (cuz you know, in the game she kills stuff in outer space and stuff.)

      but yeah, i can totally see that. and the dragon horns. haha.