Wednesday, October 12, 2011


computer died (again...) two and a half weeks and almost $300 later, we're back in business!!

speaking of business, i've been happily doodling at work/school/wherever else i can when i'm stuck in a room with someone else talking, with my weapon of choice (the bic pen.)

speaking of bic pens, did you know that most english speaking countries (including australia) call bics biros??  it's true.  turns out some french dude (bich) bought the patent from some hungarian dude (biro - who i believe was moved from his native country to escape religious persecution with his brother) when he saw the pen in argentina, and later started selling them in america.

speaking of... america?  it's already 12 days since INKTOBER started....  all over the world actually.
gotta play catch up, and bust out some INK and some TOBER.  you'll see...  TOMORROW.


  1. whoa how did u find out about bics/biros? i had no idea. but cool art, bro!

  2. The dude in the bottom right of the first image is my favorite. The shape of his head and mouth rock!

  3. @Ezra - bics/biros?? i had some australian internet friend say something like "yeah, biro drawings are pretty cool.." and i was like, "wikipedia???" the end.

    @Scott - heh.. thanks man. not sure if i already confessed this, but i had seen Joe's mouth shapes and stuff a lot before i drew that, and was like, "hey... what if i tried that??" the end.