Friday, December 2, 2011

Troll Mantis

so.  here's a 30 - 45 minute exercise from work.
norwegian troll + some kind of animal, but still in that norwegian-esque style.  i picked praying mantis.. kinda fun! first couple attempts were awful though..  heh.

so...  two posts almost back to back!??  I'M ON FIRE!!! 

ps - speaking of things half something/half MANTIS...  you should check out MAN MANTIS.  unless you don't like cool music.  then don't.  no pressure.  i love saying this guy's name, by the way...  i mean come on.  MAN MANTIS!! heh.

while on the subject of music...  apparently there's this POLISH version of nujabes, CHANGING. PEOPLE'S. LIVES.  one song at a time.  KONDOR...  love this guy's stuff.
kay, i'm done.
...for now.

1 comment:

  1. So I love the way this troll turned out. Super-awesome! I also love the watercolor feel you've got going on here.