Monday, May 5, 2008

Line Killer = ME!!

HEY!! did you know if you're really dependent on the magic wand tool in photoshop, and you go really fast... you can totally KILL any good lines you had going for a picture.

i need to quit doing that. i think i've noticed a pattern for any fun little contests i've jumped on, just to tickle my fancy, have an excuse to force myself to draw.

contest pattern = find contest. like contest. think about contest. wait until 24-48hrs before contest. do something for contest. and submit accomplished/rushed thing just a couple hours after deadline for contest.

anyways, i think i'm psyched enough that i don't need to bank on that horrible formula to get me going for the moment. it's horrible, but it works when you're almost dead.

here's the latest result from that little motivation shock therapy :

it's good to be back - being back meaning i wake up before 8am, and actually DO something before works sucks about eight hours out of my spirit. it's an amazing concept - DO something, before you can't!?!? managing time and will in such a way to accomplish goal?? happy.

oh by the way - if you wanted to count some hidden bottles from that last thing i blogged, go for it -
not quite the final version, as i darkened reflections and minor things here and there. didn't bother saving final version, per me not feeling like it. which i'm totally still cool with.


  1. i would sit down and throw back a few with mario and luigi.

  2. hey by the way, you don't need to use the magic wand tool!!! Just put your lines on a multiply layer, then color beneath it. You will see, Kevin, you will see.

  3. HOLY EFFING EFF!!!!!!!!!!!

    dude. i tried it out - this changes my entire photoshop life!!

    you're like that 'somebody' when one says 'i wish SOMEBODY told me about that earlier...' and you FREAKING DID!!

    hahah... i'm excited.
    thanks bro.