Tuesday, April 29, 2008

+work doodle +thought doodle...

hey. got a quick picture you can look at that i did at work. used company logo for the hat... it's actually a weird... juice company. so that's actually a shot of juice mario's pooring. i ended up using this image for a weird puzzlebook our company threw together for the new training groups that come in. it was 'find all the bottles of juice' basically. the picture i hid the bottles in, are in a different version of this picture... so don't bother looking for the hidden bottles. i'm serious. DON'T DO IT!!

yeah... haven't been too keen on updating... anything, really. that goes for my personal life as well. just pretty much come home and crash... or go running. or think about how i should go running.

the concept of 'updating' my personal life sounds kind of funny for the moment. don't know why. i've got a pretty good understanding of where i'm at.. and how much time i'm not using to better that whole situation. . . (the part in that situation being where i don't DO anything.... heh.)

but whatever. cool stuff HAS been happening, though. it's just in a progressive aspect, it's a little hard to sense for the moment. i'm happy though, even though i'm not too thrilled about work (except the part where they give me large quantities of moneys) , regardless of most personal time being non-existent to organize or progress any thoughts that might be floating around, or sharpen the blade of my soul on a piece of paper, or a good decision. SO - i've gotta pick an choose. it's all about time management... and making time to do little things here and there to influence the whole 'big picture' i'm looking at, to help the vision get a little clearer.

i'll probably express this at a later time... but i just keep feeling like i'd really like some weird orb, or strange device that fits in the palm of my hand, which continually harbors all the feelings/experiences/thoughts/dreams/desires i continue to have. . . that i can take a peek at every once in a while. i dunno.. it'd just be a cool reference tool for ANYTHING you'd EVER do.

well. long story short, i analyze life way too much some times... think way too much about how to organize it all on paper, so i can access it quickly, and do something more with it. but... ultimately that doesn't quite matter.

happiness is a state of being, not a destination - if you freak out too much trying to get there, you'll never be there. it's not about THERE. it's about you BEING.

and..... i'm done thinking out loud for the night. hopefully you enjoyed the picture, at least.

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