Wednesday, April 2, 2008

RUSHED naruto contest comic

so.... in relation to my first post of some character sheets - second part of this contest, was to do a 3-10 pager, going up against somebody else, and basically show how your guys would've cheated on the naruto written exam. . .
so. i conceived the idea a while ago... didn't do the pencils till about a couple days before the deadline (march 31st), and shade and text were all done in about... 4 - 5 hours before the deadline....
SO. here's my WAY rushed 6 pager, to get all the raw content in. if you haven't seen this part of naruto... let me know if you get really confused. you probably will at first anyways - but i just wanna get an opinion of somebody who has no idea what this is supposed to be. that'd be cool. oh -ps. the other characters were from the character sheets mend from the guy i was up supposedly up against... i just sorta used 'em for my story purposes. (i think i was supposed to be more focused on my characters... but i think it all turns out okay)

judged on quality.. creativity.. and something else i guess.. can't remember. results later.

page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4

page 5

page 6ix!!

i stayed up till 4am making sure the dryer would stop so i could load some promised clothes in there, but apparently the guy was broken. so, got up at 8 the next day for a dentist cleaning.... where they basically carved out my teeth from a 2 year build up of plack.. (heh. i know that sounds graphic, but it's mostly an exaggeration. mostly. ) (oh- and i couldn't stop licking the backs of my lower teeth, cuz it was so fun to feel the grooves between the individual teeth) and then droned through work... got home, and laid on my bed at about 10:30pm.. woke up at 5am - the lights in my room were still on, which made me laugh.
woke up again and then 7:30am.. 8, and then 8:30 - for having slept so long.. i was able to account for at least 8 dreams - ranging from me living in a gangland war zone to being donkey kong in supersmash bros. brawl and beating the KONG out of everybody to survive.

all of which were products of the rushing wind effects of procrastination. not a bad sacrifice when you get to smack people off the screen to their death in the form of a giant APE wearing a tie.


  1. I like the idea, Kev, and this is funny. Its a bit hard to read whats going on but I think maybe that's just because of the time issue? But overall, very fun.

  2. yeah, defn'ly agree the rushing time kinda pushes a lot of information together.

    glad you enjoyed it though.