Thursday, March 20, 2008


kay. just throwin' this up before i forget - little doodle from work.
decided the band is named "sKATANA"

will edit text when nintendo releases hold on soul long enough to do so.
so there you go.
other names i thought of will be reserved for a 'battle of the bands' idea i might be drawing.
basically, i just started drawing random people on the right side... let it cook for a little, and on my way to work one day.. listening to melodious SKA music, i was like "hey wait a sec! i need to draw a trumpet." and voilà.

hopefully i'm being more productive this week, since a lot of random deadlines for a lot of random things i've been trying to enter all pretty much randomly fall at the end of this week. procrastination=produc...tination? almost.... almost.

1 comment:

  1. Dude this is crrrrazy. I draw swimmers in ten million positions right now at work. at least i dont' have to speak french to enraged beret wearing crazy people though.