Friday, March 7, 2008

March 8th, actually

yeah... so this one time? i made a double post? and since i don't know how to delete posts? i thought i'd just use it for my next one.

here's some of my most recent pencil stuff, from my "blue" sketchbook. seriously though, it's blue. and serious. i try and get the same bound sketchbook - different color, every time i start a new one... for more "finished" looking drawings that need a home. i have thought about keeping a folder with computer paper in it, but then i realized that's what i did at school until i got a serious sketchbook to pack around (inspiration to carry one around came from the scottish/guatemalan drawing Don Lopez beast. he had one, so why not me?? i refer to this time period in my life as the "red" sketchbook saga. sometimes.) i don't think Don is as motivated to draw as he was during the red saga.... i dunno. it just seems that he doesn't push as deep as he use to.. but i hope i'm wrong, and he's still got a sketchbook. maybe a red one.

anyways... here are those pictures i was talking about a paragraph ago..

so - this is ridiculously top secret fan art of a dream. i wish i was the owner of it, because this dream has an intricate plot that is still progressing. and it's deep. i'd love to talk more about it... but i can't, really. this is what i imagine as the cover to volume 1... if it were a comic book...already. heh.

fan art to... Fooly Cooly. this show is crazy. i like to think i understand it pretty well, but i'm probably drawing my own conclusions to all the meaning inside it half the time - either way, the dots get connected somehow upstairs, and i like it. i had some really good ideas about how to go about drawing this more than halfway into, and so i kept going. hopefully those ideas don't collect too much dust until i forget about 'em.

and since i like posting in 3's for some reason. here's another picture to even things out.these guys were done about.... 2 and 1/2 years ago. it's interesting to look at new and old stuff side by side.... anyways, here we've got a classic RPG battle, against all odds - i'm sure they have some small part in saving the world too.



  1. haha i love this. is that prisma marker or what?

  2. heh. good to hear!
    dude, i wish. my marker abilities are pretty much... non-existant.

    that's mechanical pencil, and blending stub.