Thursday, March 6, 2008


smell+weather=smeather... or smelter?? i don't know... i'll get to that after the... PICTURES!!

i think i'll keep posting pictures in 3's. just feels good for some reason.

"Leff T."

i created this little handy man for this contest that Chamba was doin' - create a character for his RandomVeus verse. too much fun to be had - so went for it, and spaced the fact that he lives in australia, and missed the deadline by a whole day. no worries. good, clean fun.
-callus armor regeneration
-double joint agility
-special: 'finger-flick-kick'

figured i'd be throwing some old favorites in here as well:

"Hoodie Ninja"

impulsively gave birth to this creation as i was staring at myself in the mirror around... dec,2004
... suddenly, a drip of revelation dropped into the puddle of my mind, rippling out into my senses, forcing my hands to carefully slide up to the drawstrings of my hoodie.PULL!cross. tie behind head... and the deed was done. awesome had been granted.

you might be seeing more of this loving creature as time progresses... being opposed by this delicious formal hoodie design i made, that i'll try and post later... that somebody is ACTUALLY making into a REAL hoodie. insane. i must get pictures.

"Pirate Ninja"

part 1 of gift art for a friend at the end of '05 that hooked our dorm up with surround sound, and LOTS of naruto episodes. the pirate ninja, the middle entity of what some may call a 'holy' war between pirates and ninjas set in place before the beginning of time to keep all creation in balance.. symbol of ultimate and bitter hate.. or sweet and sour love. depends on which side you don't take.

so anyways, back to that smeather thing. been doin' a lot of late night runs lately, and i can't help but notice an old... enchantingly familiar smell in the air again. it's sweet.. and cold. i guess the same dry weather has been lingering around here long enough it's finally found it's personality again - assimilating all collective smells in this city, and glazing them over with it's dry... cool air. sounds like a treat. sounds like smeather. i dunno.... i'm pretty sure i love it, though.

more of that, and other tings -

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