Saturday, May 24, 2008

frank work doodle

just finished up another doodle i'd started at work - this is frank, my co-worker/friend/person, doing a reverse-double dragon-esque spin kick

again, really the only satisfaction i get from working is the idle time to do stuff like this... and the part where they give me money is always good. always.

so, funny thing - i actually had a dream that i was addicted to cigarettes last night. in reality i've never smoked anything in my life. but in this dream, the muscle movement to bring the cigarette to my mouth and actually smoke it was so habitual that it was border line involuntary, and i just sorta watched it happen. weird. i felt like the dumbest idiot, but it wouldn't stop. woke up, had a good laugh.... but it's funny in a weird... sorta way, too. i'm sure there's a hidden meaning in there somewhere... but yeah. just say "no" to smoking.


  1. dooood your stuff is crazy. haha. i love it. and yes, that guy was a jerk for failing us. it clearly was a purely political action, and had nothing to do with skill level within the class. Still, best thing that ever happened to me, because I got to take a great class twice, and ended up with an A.

  2. Dude, I love it, Kevin. The action blurs and the twisted bodies and the perspectives are all amazing. Stud!

  3. hey thanks, bros.
    'preciate it.

    yeah, i just registered for classes (apparently i could have a month ago) and just finally signed up again for the ill-fated figure drawing class. i'm excited to rock that.