Thursday, April 2, 2009

Antimo: King of Shadow

"None for all, all for none."
The war for one soul continues.
Antimo: King of Shadow

i was toying with putting those words on the front of this, to make a fake cover to a comic book - perhaps another day. just finished coloring this picture i doodled during a slow day at work.

speaking of souls, i had a thought the other night. i had this impulsive idea to try and drink some water without letting a drop hit my tongue - just straight down, and into the throat. it's really easy with a water bottle. SO UNSATISFYING.

the more i tried it, the more it felt like i was just filling up a car with gas - very mechanical, just get in and get out. no sensation of taste and yet so close to it. interesting to think how special our bodies are - with out them, you can't really talk to any"body." just so distant from everything. like being in prison, or something. it's gotta be tough being a spirit after this life, not having your body. it's gotta be sorta like drinking water without tasting it, i think. i once had a dream that i was a spirit - just to get from one side of a room to another felt like sprinting for 5 mintues, and not even making it halfway. kinda interesting. . . just think about it.

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