Saturday, March 28, 2009

Under the Sea

where it is wetter, where it is better. . . under the sea? well... i guess that depends on how far "under" the sea sebastien was talking about. also, he does a diservice to all his crab-kin for using "under" in such a very ambiguous way just to further his agenda in making us think how great his natural habitat is. i'm sure there are other crabs out there with better intentions, and equipped with a better ability to employ words, such as "under."

colored a doodle last night that's been sitting on the front of one of my notebooks for a while now. just trying weird stuff, and getting better.

also colored this. originally done for a mission friend. very cool kid.
i ended up combining two lens flairs in this one.. crazy, eh?

by the way, here's an awesome song about not being able to surf--> i can't surf.

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