Monday, March 23, 2009

Mountain Dew, Still Life.

still rockin' the gouache paint for my illustration class. (however, it is "required" to "rock" the gouache, but i'm having fun with it)

assignment: set up a still life that illustrates a healthy, or bad diet.
i sorta went for a "both" kind of approach. something like that. done in gouache paint..

"Mountain Dew, Still Life"

AAAAAAAND, i colored this picture i did for a good, turtle obsessed friend. fun stuff.

"Turtle POWER"

i once had a turlte... named him "Koopa." after a while it just seemed like the guy refused to eat, and didn't eat for like, 4 months until he died. i REALLY wanted his turtle shell, because that would be a very sweet artifact to possess, and could get kid out of many a tight situation if ever cornered by a goomba, or one of the infamous hammer brothers.

anyways.. i forgot the exact spot where i barried my turtle, and would have to ruin a lot of grass to do it now. no turtle shell as of yet.

moral of the story: eat all your food, or i'll kill you? and stuff your body in a hole behind my house. yeah.... something like that.

oh-found this guy on youtube that apparently can memorise landscapes and redraw them from memory, in a 360 panaromic view. here he is doing tokyo.

fun stuff...


  1. I think that Ryan and I both wet ourselves when we saw your Mtn Dew pic. That is flat out amazing!!

  2. haha... good to hear - thanks!

  3. Well, I was able to control my incontinence a little better, but it's definitely a sweet painting. How would one pronounce "gouache" paint if one were to attempt to do so?

  4. heh. thanks. you pronounce it "gwash" like a car "wash."