Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stained for Life...

before i get to the gross stuff - have some pictures!

made a promise to myself to doing at least 2 Earthbound pictures this year - finally knocked out number 2! sort of a companion piece to this one.

finally got around to finishing one of the many drawings that came out of my Lord of the Rings marathon about a year ago... !
i thought it'd be cool to write my name out using some runes - as it turns out, in real life there are LOOOOTS of different kinds of runes - luckily Tolkien made up his own, so there aren't as many - and i found this cool runic translator thing. check it out.
from all the unnecesarry nerd-like research i did last night, it seems pretty legit.
sometimes i wish i was nerd-core enough that i knew the runic alphabet, but i usually try and keep my contact between hobbits, dwarfs, and other races that don't exist in real life to a minimum.

kay. time for some nasty pictures.. not that nasty, really. but about 4 months ago (jul. 18, 2009) a day that will live in infamy - i was a victim of a drive-by shooting, à la paintball. only one hit me, but it was my drawing hand covering my face..

"day 1"
kept oozing blood, wasn't sure what was paint, what was blood, or if paint had been injected into deeper surfaces of my body...

"day 2"this one's a few days later, i think.

"when the scab came off.. WEEKS later"

AAAAND here's the best part.
"4 MONTHS later"

so far it's looking like i'm stained for life.. cool huh.
victimized and marked by the act of stupidity.
could be worse.

i think what got to me the most was the shooters (most likely) didn't even know who i was.
i guess the real lesson here is hatred, pride, stupidity and things like that are always out there to mess with you - not caring who you are, and the more you become possessed by these things, the less likely you'll care about other people too.


  1. haha! You told me about this at the bbq! Awesome. I was wondering how bad the actual wound was and then I got to see it. We should go shooting some time in S. Jordan. I mean... running... yes. Running.

  2. YEAHHHHH!!! heh heh..
    yeah man. i've got some names on a list, we should totally run past their houses...