Friday, December 18, 2009

Richard III

"A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!"

printed this guy out and turned him in for my narrative illustration final - obviously it was supposed to be on Richard III. if only ALL my finals were this easy and enjoyable.

on a somewhat unrelated note, i took my roommate to wal-mart - and since he takes forEVER to shop, i told him to meet me in the electronics section when he was done. while i was carrying out my pre-meditated monopoly of the new super mario bros. for the wii, in the electronics section - i must have sold at least 3 or 4 copies to people as they were walking by. haha...

got all the way to world 2, killed two bosses, and all this without dying once. the whole time, there was this little kid who was watching, asking me all sorts of questions and making random comments about his 'star wars clone wars' game. thus his education began of the finer points of nintendo history - as he was unable to identify 'that wizard guy' and by my mentioning 'super nintendo' it's as if i had constructed verbal stealth technology which i was then able to attach to each one of my words which then shot past his comprehension/hearing radar, completely undetected. or maybe he was just ignoring me.... haha.

needless to say, i ended the night by using an empty shopping cart as a scooter, and sailed all the way down the parking lot to my car. i do stuff like that.


  1. Kids these days... They understand nothing of what games are all about. People whose personal game history starts with Halo, or who claim one game is better than another because of "graphics" (unless they're comparing the Dreamcast Soul Calibur against other later versions as a demonstration of how ahead of its time the Dreamcast was), or who don't find it blasphemous to have Mario and Sonic in the same game... They have so much to learn. And they have my pity.

  2. heh.. thanks, Mandy!

    David. Yes. hahaha.... it's so sad. i found this thing on youtube called 'project d' where this guy takes one of these ignorant kids through some classics to see what his reaction is.

    sad. mtrd kid filthing GAVE up - i remember me and Kyle beating Contra on 2player without EITHER of us dying ONCE - AND we did the 30 extra guy code, just to make it a more ridiculous win.

  3. I totally sympathize. I had a roommate back in the day that would compare prices on every product before putting them in his cart. EVERY SIMGLE ITEM.

    Also, I love New Super Mario Bros Wii. Inspired insanity to be sure. "Hey, that was my Fire Flower!"

    Also, also, nice job on Richard III. I like the chess analogy.

  4. heh. yeah, if it wasn't for the whole cain 'n able thing - killing probably would've been invented because of THOSE kinds of people.... and still, it was sort of related to a comparison between produce and meat.. haha..

    anyways, rock on! thanks, man.