Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mega Man X9 box art

HOLY EFF BOMBS!!1!11!!!01010001110!!! MEGA MAN X9 IS ACTUALLY OUT?????????????? "

"Comparable to being the 'Luke Skywalker' of the mega man franchise -ultimately bringing balance back to the force with it's debut return to Nintendo, X9 is a thrilling gauntlet run through the falling debris of trust, hope, last chances, and reploid/maverick body parts alike. Finally, capcom has done it again."

check the trailer HERE

that's what they'd be saying if this was an actual game. all mega man copyrights capcom, wii copyrights nintendo - this is just fictional representation of a fan's dream. please, just don't hurt me.
haha... long story short - while coloring this up on the computer, i got the idea to dress it up like a game cover, and while searching for reference material stumbled across some megaman fan-site and also decided to use this as a dirty joke on a bunch of tender hearted, angsty spiteful, unsuspecting nerds. so far the responses have been pretty funny and somewhat rewarding. if the action heats up any more, i'll post a link. but here are some of the highlights thus far:

"Logo is actually pretty good. I make boxart, and this probably wouldn't be it.
-a 14 yr. old kid, occupation - 'video games' and 'graphic designer'

"His buster is too big, and the expression and eye color is way off. Good attempt though."
-a 15 yr. old kid, occupation - 'new generation reploid'

i had all these devious plots to create multiple accounts, and link them to some japanese sites i know of that would serve has free image hosting, to create more legitimacy and false hype... pitting nerds with long histories of friendship against eachother across cyberspace, locked in an epic dual of big talk and unofficial, pretentious wannabe fan-authenticity. though it would have been epic, i have more productive and important things i should be doing in REAL life.

that said, if you happen to be one of the nerds in question (hey, we're all nerds of some kind - calm down) congratulations on finding this blog, or any other random presence i assume on the information super-highway.

for the moment, you can check out the original picture with out logos, etc - HERE
original sketch - HERE

almost forgot - random megaman videos i've enjoyed:
rejected mega man villains
What if MegaMan had lyrics by brentalfloss:
-Mega Man 2 title screen
-Mega Man 2

OH - and SUPER random fact - satruday night, while running, i was the victim of a drive-by paintball shooting. only one paintball hit me, unfortunately it was my drawing hand i used to guard my face, and after cleaning the oozing blood and lots of icing - i had to wait a day later to finish this picture up.

sort of ironic to be shot at, while running, WHILE doing a picture of somebody getting shot at, while running...