Saturday, August 30, 2008

Randomly big ART dumpage

okay... so. i'm at school now - but i do cartoons for this other school. here's a couple of them that i just shot out really quick..... hhaahahah.... i mean, REALLLLY quick. wow. i almost feel guilty for how quick these happened......................... . . . almost.

i draw for the 'opinions' section of their paper... first week was sorta hectic, just because there was NO schedule, and i'd get a cartoon request just thrown at me from outta nowhere that they needed the next day.... but that's all done with, so hopefully these start coming out a little more polished up and what not...

-for a story about going back to school, and how it's scary or something...

about Obama's VP selection. obviously-
sorta rushed... not too happy with that->

-for how Utah doesn't have enough bike lanes.... meh. I don't ride a bike too much to know/care much about that.

this one->about how people ignore 3rd parties during elections...
i'm not a 3rd party that often.. so i wouldn't know/care much about that myself.....

-for about some environmental plan that students were going to be a part of.. and yeah. here's my enviro-plan.

a story was talkin' smack on how bad the shcool's alcohol/drug education program was->

That's about enough rushed cartoons for the moment.

Here's the LAST 'O' Fficial work doodle. because work is now done with for the moment. i thought... hmmmmm.. what would be the most time consuming, and keep me the most occupied. a.... planet?

next up. colored this picture. characters owned/conceived/envisioned by Kyle. my brother.

next up. colored this too. as you can tell... just coloring everything i have for practice.
"dreamshorn" ? sounds like a fun title. just experimenting with brushes and what not.


more of... something, to be continued.. i'm sure.

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