Monday, August 11, 2008

shikamaru + dolphINK + Antimo: King of Shadow + RYU highscore (vs Guile) + urban samurai in color = art dump!

welp... no real thoughts for the day that have completed themselves yet..
let's get on with the art dump, shall we?

old shikamaru picture colored up:

another IOU off my checklist - dolphink :

some doodles from work... first, Antimo: King of Shadow

second, RYU newhighscore!! (vs. guile)

and last but not least, Urban Samurai (old pic i colored up to gain some PS experience and level up a bit)

everything slowly comes together.

on a few other notes, i ran to jordan landing and back - i ran into the wind both ways, which was perfect because it was hot. and hot is a fag. plus it rained .. rain-core (possible band name?). which was awesome. i never liked hot... such a fag.

other news... it's become PAINFULLY SICK and OBVIOUS that tupac is living. if you don't think so... you're ridiculously ignorant, or don't really care. same difference... but still. it's ridiculous how LIVING this guy is.
- life, etc... to be continued.


  1. Dude - 2Pac is dead. I killed him myself. We captured his soul with a poster of him in 2001 and hung it in our hallway (Tingey 222!), but now that that is gone, Tupac is also gone.


  2. dood. that's stupid.
    it's OBVIOUS he's alive - anything you try to say or relate through story/folk lore wil not change this.