Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Split Ends: Tomb Raider Reborn

so.  here's another entry for a contest going down over at deviantart.  really hard not to resist doing anything when they tempt you with an after party hosted by Ben Franklin and a bunch of his homies.

anyway, if you're interested - i gots the step-by-step for this over on my tumblr.

also, here's a lovely free online game that was recently brought to my attention. Fear Less!  love the music, love the design... and the concept is on a higher psychological level that i TOTALLY dig.  kinda gave me the warm-fuzzies like Coma..     also Little Nemo, if we wanna go way back...  still love that game.   I have a suspicion that The Matrix was somewhat inspired by Winsor Mccay (author/illustrator of the original comic strips that inspired the game)  I mean, there's a king named "Morpheus," and Nemo original receives an invite to slumberland from some random chick (Trinity??) COINCIDENCE!?!? maybe. :]

just love games about sleep/dream/exploring the subconscious-y kinda stuff.
 if you know me, you know that i sleep. a lot. and for a LONG time..  left un-acted upon by an outside force, i'm usually in bed for 9-12 hours...  being asleep all this time, i've noticed things, and here's a few of them, while on this subject:

thing 1) when i'm actively writing down my dreams, they're easier to remember.

thing 2) not only do i remember them easier, but i remember more dreams than just one.

thing 3) when i'm in peek dream remembering condition, i can usually make out 5 dreams that happened in one night...  which is cool, if you think about the following:  a sleep cycle is about 90 minutes.  on average i'd get about 7 and a half hours of sleep... which averages out to FIVE SLEEP CYCLES.
does ONE DREAM = ONE SLEEP CYCLE?????  COINCIDENCE??!?! i have no idea....
goodnight everybody!