Monday, June 30, 2008

bat girl begins

so.. not really - it just wouldn't work for me.
but, doodling at work+somebody paying me for the doodle=not bad. right?
request was to draw them as bat girl - here it is.

weapon of choice at work is still my blue bic pen.

in other news, i guess it was my birthday yesterday. that was pretty cool - got a mountain of brownies, food straight from the imperial chinese courts of his majesty FONG, and some high octane giftcard action to purchase goods to my heart's content. no real thought provoking literature to provoke your thoughts with at this moment.

will to draw drowns will to write at this moment, which is mostly a good thing.
-to be continued.


  1. Nice! Happy birthday dude. I like your Batgirl a lot. You rock the blue bic pen.

  2. hey, thanks a lot bro.
    i believe this is the first batgirl i've ever drawn, too.